10 beautiful medieval towns in French Brittany (Part I)

These pretty medieval towns in French Brittany will make you fall in love with the idea of ​​visiting the region.

What is French Brittany like?

Brittany is a region with unique identity traits within France. This region in the northwest of the country is spread over a huge peninsula that juts out over the Atlantic. In addition to being a region moderated by the sea and its climate, Brittany is a historical and architectural treasure in each of its cities and towns, with towns that flourished around monasteries, castles or overseas trade.

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In this list of beautiful medieval towns in French Brittany, we review some of the most beautiful and best preserved, precisely because they were frozen in their time of splendor come to less (in times of the industrial revolution). Today most of these towns are devoted to tourism, and endure as a connection with the past, and as a sample of the peaceful present.

The most beautiful medieval villages in French Brittany

1. A granite farmhouse among the most beautiful in France (Locronan)

Locronan It has barely 800 inhabitants, a remarkable and very well preserved architectural heritage capable of being recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in France. Granite churches and houses, black roofs that look like a work of art, cobbled streets. What they say a picturesque trip in time:


Benjamin Villoslada Gil

Michal Stehlik

Frederique Voisin-Demery

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2. Picturesque Pontrieux.

Pontrieux It owes its name to the bridge over the Trieux estuary, a town that was once an important commercial center, and today barely exceeds 1,000 inhabitants. Although its main economic asset is its commercial and sports port, at a tourist level it offers idyllic and colorful views so typical of Brittany as to give some of his best postcards:


Janet McKnight

3. Wooden houses in Le Faou

Another of those selected among the most beautiful villages in France. Le Faou it is located to the east of the Brest Bay estuary, a strategic location in an area of ​​undulating terrain. It is famous for its wooden houses, with 23 protected houses and very well preserved architecture from medieval times on its main street, with granite facades and slate roofs.

Frédérique Voisin-Demery

Jean-Luc Bailleul

Marc Caraveo


4. “Cradle of Romanticism” in Combourg

Its nickname as the cradle of romanticism is due to the writer François-Rene de Chateaubriand who spent part of his youth in the castle of Combourg. Located in Upper Brittany between Rennes and Saint-Malo, Combourg It was long besieged by the Vikings until it became a protectorate from the second millennium. One of its greatest attractions is the castle that stands out over the farmhouse:

Emmanuel Eragne

Celine Xavier Estruch

Christiano De Abreu


5. Narrow streets and half-timbered houses in Tréguier

Historic capital of Trégor and former episcopal city, the town of Treguier it is situated on the slopes of the Tregor plateau, and preserved (once again) as an urban relic where little has changed in terms of appearance. Especially within the old city or the historic center, which is protected as a living museum around Martray Square, there are many characteristic half-timbered houses:

Philippe Payart




Giraud Patrick

To continue seeing more beautiful medieval towns in French Brittany you can go to see Part 2

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