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10 curiosities about Dr. House

Previously I had given myself the task of doing some research on the successful series Dr. House and present to you the note Who is behind Doctor House? However, this time we will indicate 10 curious facts about the series:


1. Dr. House is played by Hugh Laurie, the audition for the role of House was videotaped in a Namibian hotel bathroomThis is because at that time I was recording the movie The Flight of the Phoenix and it was recorded there because it was the only place where there was light.

2. The series is developed in Mercer County, New Jersey. The aerial scenes in which the hospital is seen are recorded on the campus of Princeton University, and the building that simulates the hospital is the “Frist Campus Center”.

3. The series is inspired by the Diagnosis Column of the New York Times Magazine that shows unusual medical cases.

4. Doctor House is somehow inspired by Sherlock Holmes. The 2 use similar deduction methods and have a peculiar wink when reaching a conclusion, in addition to this they live at number 221B, they have only 1 friend, Wilson in the case of House and Watson, a friend of Holmes. They also share a drug addiction and a taste for a musical instrument (House the Piano and Holmes the Violin).

5. The musical theme of the series in its original version is a cut of the Massive Attack theme “Teardrop”, which belongs to the album “Mezzanine” (1998).

6. The actors who play Cameron and Chase, that is, Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer, are engaged.

7. Gregory House’s birthday is the same day as Hugh Laurie’s, June 11.

8. House’s motorcycle is a replica of the 2005 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol. Hugh has confessed to being a motorcycle fan since his father gave him one at the age of 16.

9. House has degrees in infectious diseases and nephrology.

10. Laurie’s dad was a doctor, and he always said he felt a lot of guilt because he “feels guilty of earning more than his father for being a fake version of him.”

I hope and you have enjoyed these curious facts as I did, but this is not all, expect more curious facts from other successful television series.

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