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10 Curiosities of LOST – Curious Planet

The promise is debt, so since we already presented 10 curious facts about Dr. House, today it is the turn of LOST. This American television series has been very successful not only in the United States, but also in many other countries. That’s why we bring you the 10 curiosities of Lost.


1. Lost is filmed in Hawaii and in the end credits you can see the legend “The producers of this series appreciate the cooperation of the people of Hawaii and their Aloha spirit”

2. The writers of the series they decided on which characters they would write by pulling names out of a hat.

3. The jungle scenes were filmed in the lush Kaawa Valley, one of the few valleys on the island
which is private property.

4.In one of the scenes the actors were not allowed to see the set. They had to cover their eyes until the cameras started rolling, and their reaction to discovering the plane’s cockpit in the trees was real.

5. In search of realism, a real Lockheed L-1011 aircraft was destroyed on Mokuleia beach to create the set from the wreckage.

6. The “Oceanic” airline, in which the castaways traveled, is also used by other movies and series.

7. In one of the first drafts of the series, Jack was going to die, but they gave that role to Michael Keaton (pilot of the plane).

8. At first the series was going to be called “The circle”

9. If you open Windows notepad and type the combination “alt” + “4815162342″, the symbol “µ” (Mu) appears. Mu is the name of a supposed continent or island that existed and disappeared in the Pacific Ocean, right where our lost believe they have landed.

10. The first actor hired for the series was Jorge Hurley García. He was signed six months before starting, when not even half a line of the script had yet been written. That’s called convincing…

Did you like the curiosities? We hope that yes, because we still have one more series that we want to share with you, don’t miss it, wait for it.

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