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10 Curiosities of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

the galactic saga Everyone’s (or almost everyone’s) favorite returns with an anthology that gives us new ways to tell stories from the Star Wars universe. The first one is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

We know that there are many curious facts, but this time, Curious Planet has compiled the highlights of rogue one. If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t worry. no spoilers.

If you still don’t know where this tape fits or if you’re new to star warsbelow I show you an image so that you understand better. Without further ado, let’s begin.

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#1 Whose idea was this story?

The idea was from John Knolldigital effects supervisor Industrial Light & Magic, believed that the best thing was to do a TV series with a “Mission Impossible” style, but the project did not move forward. He put the idea on hold until he found out that Disney had bought lucasfilmthen Knoll presented the project to kathleen kennedypresident of the company, and we already know what happened next.

#2 NO, to the classic

This is the first film in the saga without the introduction that tells us what the story is about. Furthermore, it is the first time that the soundtrack is not composed by john williams but by Michael Giacchino.

#3 Essence of filming

To achieve the desired Rogue One look, the film’s director Gareth Edwards and the director of photography Greig Fraserthey filmed with camera lenses used in 1970 and mixed it with today’s digital technology.

#4 Diversity of characters

This film includes actors of various nationalities. There is the English actress Felicity Joneschinese actors Donnie Yen and Jiang Wenafrican american actor Forest Whitakerbritish actor Riz Ahmad and the actor diego moon. The latter, Gareth Edwards, asked him to keep his Mexican accent to appreciate the diversity of characters in the Star Wars universe, something that you will notice better if you watch the movie in English.

#5 K-2SO

The main team of rebels also shows us not to be racist even with the machines, which is why a new and charismatic droid was included. The actor Alan Tudyk is in charge of giving life K-2SOusing your voice and motion capture. Also, he was the robot Sonny in ‘I, Robot’.

#6 Takin Governor

Character Wilhuff Tarkin has an appearance in this film, but the actor who plays him peter cushingdied in 1994. So Gareth Edwards with the help of Industrial Light & Magic they recreated it digitally. It was a difficult task but in the end the goal of bringing back the same character with the same actor was achieved.

#7 Darth Vader Returns

That’s right, one of the most fearsome and emblematic villains of Star Wars and cinema. He physically is played by Spencer Wilding and the voice in the original audio is done by james earl jonesthe original voice of the sith lord from his first appearance in 1977. Despite his small involvement, we get to see a bit more of his scary and cruel character.

#8 Death Troopers

Apart from the StormtroopersGareth Edwards wanted to show fans something new and at the same time intimidating. On this basis were created the Death Troopers for Rogue One, which they are elite soldiers in black with some similarities to Stormtroopers.

#9 Dark Side

Nope, i don’t mean the dark side of the force. I mean this new movie shows us some of the dark side of the star wars universe. we had already seen the rebellion against the Empire, but it hadn’t felt so much like a war itself. This time a story and a war are shown with a darker, more serious and realistic tone.

#10 Star Wars Fundraiser

The total earnings of only the first 7 deliveries from Star Wars, add up $6.27 billionbecoming the most successful film saga in history. Surely this figure will grow with this and other films to come.

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