10 enchanted forests in Spain

Welcome to a new article from The Happy Traveler! If you like magical and unique places, then you have come to the right place, because we will take you on a journey through the most curious enchanted forests and strangers from Spain. You will be surprised to know that among the places to see in this country are places full of terrifying tales.

In that sense, you will be surprised to discover a world beyond the normal: from legends and trees with unlikely shapes, to forests of enormous height and disturbing visions. And there is forests that seem taken from a paranormal tale and others that may be liked by the most intrepid! If you’re ready for an exciting adventure, keep reading!

Table of Contents

  • 10 enchanted forests in Spain to visit
    • 1. Fragas do Eume, Galicia
    • 2. Montejo Beech Forest, Madrid
    • 3. Enchanted Forest, Tenerife
    • 4. Aldán Forest, Pontevedra
    • 5. Oma Painted Forest, Vizcaya
    • 6. Forest of San Juan Xar, Navarra
    • 7. Otzarreta Forest, Vizcaya
    • 8. Orrius Forest, Barcelona
    • 9. Muniellos Forest, Asturias
    • 10. Urbión Black Lagoon, Soria

10 enchanted forests in Spain to visit

1. Fragas do Eume, Galicia

The Fragas do Eume is one of the main forests to visit in Spain. Located in the province of Coruña, it is one of the best preserved in all of Europe. Fragas do Eume is a place very popular for nature lovers and hikers, since it offers a great variety of routes and trails through which you can walk and enjoy the beauty of the forest. In addition, the forest is home to a large number of animal species, so on your journey you will be able to spot deer, Iberian frogs, owls and foxes.

Declared a Site of Community Importance, Fragas do Eume it has such dense vegetation that it leaves little room for light to pass through. Hence, it is considered as an enchanted forest! It is a witness to the history of the region and has been protected for centuries.

Something interesting is that right in the heart of the forest is the Caaveiro Monastery, which has more than ten centuries of history and is home to religious anchorites. From this monastery you will be able to have a clearer view of the forest and you will also have the opportunity to admire the baroque architecture of this building.

2. Montejo Beech Forest, Madrid

Montejo Beech Forest, Madrid

We cannot fail to mention the enchanted forest of Madrid: the Hayedo de Montejo. It is a Natural Site of National Interest since 1974 of 250 hectares. In addition, in 2017 it was declared Heritage of humanity by unesco as an extension of the primary beech forests of the Carpathians and other regions of Europe. It stands out for its huge beeches over 20 meters high. There is even one that is over 250 years old!

In addition, you can find other trees such as oaks, hazelnuts and holly. If you love nature and want to enjoy a day of adventure in the forest, you cannot miss the Hayedo de Montejo. We assure you that you will not be disappointed! Keep in mind that the best time to visit is during autumn, since ocher, reddish, orange or yellow colors take center stage.

3. Enchanted Forest, Tenerife

Enchanted Forest, Tenerife

It is located in the Integral Natural Reserve of El Pijaral, in the center of the island of Tenerife. The park is home to a large number of unique and endemic species, such as the Anaga violet and the jable. This laurel forest is an example of the Tertiary era, since a large number of trees belonging to the Lauraceae family are still preserved, mostly.

Also, you will be able to observe ferns up to three meters tall. To see it in all its splendor, you have to walk through the circular path of the enchanted forest, completing the tour will take you about 3 hours. However, keep in mind that before visiting it you must request a permit on the website of the Cabildo de Tenerife.

About this forest there is a somewhat curious legend. And it is said that one of the nine kings of the island of Tenerife during pre-Hispanic times, jumped from Roque Anambro, an ancient volcanic chimney that erosion has shaped for a few thousand and thousands of years, which reaches about 815 meters high. and that constitutes one of the great attractions of this forest in Tenerife.

As the story goes, this king was on the run from the Spanish conquistadors. When launched, fell on a holly, its blood was impregnated and that is why the fruits of this tree are of a characteristic red color. What do you think? Would you visit this enchanted forest?

4. Aldán Forest, Pontevedra

Located in the province of Pontevedra, in Galicia, Spain, the Aldrán forest is another of the magical forests that you cannot miss. It has a somewhat neglected appearance, compared to other enchanted forests in Spain, however, totally worth it.

What can’t you stop knowing? The Arco dos Mouros or Arco da Condesa, a masonry aqueduct. Its own drawbridge over the Orxas and, of course, the mini castle built in the 1960s, where only a façade, a tower and some rooms were built. Would you imagine that something like this would be hidden inside the forest of Aldán?

As a curiosity: This forest belonged to the Counts of Canalejas under the name of Casa Torre de Aldán. Luckily, for some years it was donated by the count to the Pontevedra city council and now it can be enjoyed by everyone.

5. Oma Painted Forest, Vizcaya

Painted forest of Oma, Vizcaya

The Oma Painted Forest is located in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. What makes it so spectacular? Which consists of a group of trees on which have been painted by the sculptor and painter Agustín Ibarrola. This artistic work was created between 1982 and 1985. The Oma Painted Forest is an open-air work of art that combines nature and culture in a unique way. From different points of view, you will be able to observe human and animal figures. Do you visit?

6. Forest of San Juan Xar, Navarra

Forest of San Juan Xar, Navarra

Another of the fantastic forests is in Navarra. It is the only native hornbeam or Carpinus betulus forest on this peninsula! In 1987 it was declared a Natural Reserve, inside it is the Zugarramurdi cave, that of the covens, the most famous. This cave is great and a great example of nature’s handiwork!

Likewise, it is one of the enchanted forests because it is located the grotto-hermitage with a fountain with three jets. And during rainy days you can see up to four jets. It is a wonder! And, according to legend, these waters have miraculous healing powers against skin conditions.

The rite consists of going on June 24, Saint John’s Day, you have to drink from the three water spouts. You also have to soak the handkerchief with water from the three sources and then rub the affected part. Popular belief indicates that all your condition will disappear!

7. Otzarreta Forest, Vizcaya

Otzarreta Forest, Vizcaya |  enchanted forests

The Otzarreta Forest is a protected natural space and is one of the most important green areas in the region, located in the Gorbea Natural Park. It is one of the most photographed places in the Basque Country! Its thickness has led to many legends, which are enhanced by a hundred mature and robust trees. It also has a stream that divides the forest in two. It is a true beauty without equal! If you have the opportunity to visit Vizcaya, you cannot miss the opportunity to discover this wonderful forest and discover everything it has to offer.

8. Orrius Forest, Barcelona

Orrius Forest, Barcelona |  enchanted forests

In Barcelona there is another of the great enchanted forests. It is perfect for hiking and if you want to walk in the middle of nature, although for many this may be one of the gloomy forests of Spain, since for several generations it is said that when the sun goes down, meetings of mystical entities begin. No one wants to risk staying there when the sunlight starts to dwindle!

In the Orrius forest you will see three figures, the main attraction! They are sculpted stones with the shape of an elephant, an Indian and a moai. Many people come to take photos and also to try to find them in the middle of such wild trees. The origin of these figures is unclear, some say they were sculpted by local artists, although their purpose is unknown, while others believe they are a symbol of worship of other gods. What do you think?

9. Muniellos Forest, Asturias

Muniellos Forest, Asturias

Within the Fuentes del Narcea Natural Park is the Muniellos Forest, which has one of the richest plant and animal communities in Europe. The popularity of this forest dates from the 18th century. In this way, the Muniellos Forest is totally amazing, so much so that it has been named a “picturesque landscape” in 1973, a National Biological Reserve in 1982 and a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in the year 2000. Would you visit one of the forests? most splendid enchanted in Spain?

10. Urbión Black Lagoon, Soria

Black Lagoon of Urbión, Soria |  enchanted forests

In the north of the province of Soria is located the Laguna Negra de Urbión, which, according to legend, it has no background. However, there are other stories that assure a dangerous animal lives in these waters that devours anyone who dares to venture into the depths.

In this place during the month of August a great activity takes place, expected by all the inhabitants of Soria: A swimming competition is organized! The participant who completes this route in the shortest time wins. Of glacial origin, the Black Lagoon of Urbión is waiting for your visit.

Nature, once again, impresses with its whimsical performance in these enchanted forests full of mystery, magic and peculiar beauty. Which of them has surprised you the most? Leave us a comment.