10 fantastic family outings in Alentejo

It can, at times, be a bit difficult to find forms of entertainment for children’s fairs that are liked by the whole family. But the Alentejo is rich in places that please everyone, that combine with culture, and where we can create memories in the family. In this region it is possible to do walks of all kinds, be it in alleyways, through abandoned castles or typical villages.

For that reason, traveling with your country, children and others is never a problem in Alentejo. Here you will always find a solution that is to the liking of all visitors and with the guarantee of being able to discover two of its most beautiful, emblematic or secret locations. And at the end of his trip, he will return home with the sensation of discovering a country that he thought did not exist.

Choose your favorite place and face the road. With so many places to choose from, the only difficulty will be the lack of time to visit you all. Discover some of the best family outings you can do in Alentejo.

1. Monsaraz


How he managed to maintain his characteristics for two centuries, visit Monsaraz It is an authentic journey in time. Here historical architecture is combined with peace and tranquility, becoming perfect for a family getaway.

Its beauty increased even more with the construction of the barragem do Alqueva, being possible to contemplate the giant lake from the walls of this historic medieval village.

2. Evora Monte


In our times, this place has a high military relevance, thanks to its geographical position, and this importance is still very much present in our days, with the walls to protect its inhabitants.

evoramonte It is small and charming, as the perfect size to be traversed by foot. Take your time to absorb all the locations and the various details that you will find, from a different ornament to a door or janela with Alentejo traces.

3. Marvao


This quiet village is located a few kilometers from Spain, between Portalegre and Castelo de Vide, on the highest point of Serra de São Mamede. It owes its current place name to the fact that it served as a refuge for Ibn Marwan, a well-known warrior from the IX century.

Inside the muralhas, you will find a beautiful set of popular Alentejo architecture, from which we can highlight the Gothic arches, the Manueline janitors and the wrought iron railings.

4. Badoca Safari Park

Badoca Safari Park
Badoca Safari Park

If you want to experience a safari, like you are in Africa, but without leaving Alentejo, then the Badoca Safari Park is for you. In this park, you will be able to observe various species of exotic animals, which is an excellent option for a day spent with the family.

The place also has a strong pedagogical component, especially because it is involved in the preservation of different animal species. It is located near some of the best beaches on the Alentejo coast.

5. Noudar Nature Park

noudar alentejo
Noudar Nature Park

It is located in Herdade da Coitadinha, between the Ardila river and the Múrtega riverbank, in the Barrancos district. In addition to all his natural charm, the great star of Noudar Nature Park It is the Iberian lynx, and here it has been promoted for its reproduction and reintroduction to its habitat.

The park is also dominated by its castle, or Castle of Noudar, which was finished building in 1307, under the command of D. Dinis. Currently, it is abandoned, but it was never an important defensive village and for this reason it is full of stories to discover.

6. Nisa Passages

Nisa Passages
Nisa Passages

There are two more recent passages of Portugal, being integrated not trail of Barca d’Amieiraand will be open to the public in April 2021.

The place is already going to be quite the rage, because, besides two magnificent walkways, you will find a dazzling suspended stone bridge (which requires some courage to cross), a transparent viewpoint over the Tejo river and a place where you can watch birds.

7. Mora River

Mora Fluviary
Mora Fluviary

Located in the Évora district, this center seeks to promote awareness of environmental awareness, particularly in relation to aquatic ecosystems.

Likewise, here you will be able to find various exhibitions and activities on this subject, also being able to observe various marine species of twelve water, such as the sun, several fish and reptiles. Everyone will love to know this place better!

8. Passageways of Alamal

Alamal river beach
Passageways of Alamal

As you walk through these passageways, you will be able to discover a different Alentejo, always at the beira-rio and how belver castle to dominate the surrounding landscape, from the top of the mountain.

This beautiful journey begins at the Alamal river beach and will end at the hundred-year-old Ponte de Belver. Pelo caminho, always follow the edge of Tejo, be long from the confusion of the city and in full contact with nature.

9. Passages of Serra d’Ossa

Passadicos da Serra d'Ossa
Passadicos da Serra d’Ossa

These walkways are about 2 km long and link the Aldeia da Serra to the Ermida de Nossa Senhora do Monte da Virgem. All the journey is made between the Arvoredo and counts with some degraus.

In addition to being able to observe nature, it is possible to be dazzled by some of the caves, built by the brother hermits who lived in Ermida. If you choose to do the whole route, including part of the paths in Madeira, it is 7.7 km round trip.

10. Gameiro Passageways

Passageways of Gameiro
Passageways of Gameiro

It begins at the river beach of Gameiro and always continues next to the Raia river, making it possible to observe the surrounding landscape, typically Alentejo, with its gently undulating mountains.

We are in the municipality of Mora and are barely 1.5 km long, but are inserted into a pedestrian trail, which allows it to increase to a distance of 5.5 km, and which passes typical Alentejo horsemen.