10 fantastic places to see neve no Gerês

Every year, when it falls or winters, I fall and take notice of some of the two most beautiful places in the Peneda Gerês National Park. The temptation to go and see the snow is very big, but I know that a large part of the two places where it snows is not Gerês is very difficult to access, and others make part of the territory of the park with the status of total protection zone, which means that I am afraid to ask for authorization to move there.

Likewise, there are small towns and villages with easier access, where you can savor some moments of snow, and it is precisely these places that we have left on this list. We provide moments of fun in the family, especially for the little ones. And of course, the dazzle of the landscape of Gerês painted white is guaranteed.

Choose your favorite place more light-I know that, when it snows in Gerês, everyone takes little care of you. Do not venture into places you do not know, through gates locked by the authorities and avoid going alone or without a means of communication. Meet some two best locals to see neve no Gerês.

1. Alto do Mezio

Alto do Mezio

This place jumped to the mouths of the world in recent times, thanks to the construction of one of the two largest baloiços in Portugal. From that day on, it began to attract more and more tourists.

The Alto do Mezio is located at the gates of the Peneda-Gerês National Park and is known to be one of the best places in the region to see snow, largely thanks to its ease of access. It is also an excellent place to appreciate the landscape throughout the year.

2. Castro Laboreiro

Peneda Gerês National Park
Castro Laboreiro

It is located in Melgaço and it is a perfect place to enjoy nature, history and culture, being one of the most beautiful and famous Gerês villages. It attracts visitors throughout the year, but it is not winter when the beauty of its landscape is most accentuated.

Castro Laboreiro It is located at more than 1000 meters of altitude and was traditionally very isolated, thanks to its cold and rigorous winters. Therefore, it is not surprising that this beautiful village is part of the list of places where you can see never Gerês with ease.

3. soajo


soajo It is part of the Arcos de Valdevez council and is inserted in one of the slopes of Serra da Peneda. A fall of snow is frequent, both in town and in the mountains that surround it.

Its streets are paved with granite slabs and the houses built with stone blocks and, back about a century ago, this population lived in a communal regime, having their own laws and activities. One of its great attractions is the group of 24 spikers, being that the oldest is dated from 1782.

4. Pitões das Junias

Pitões das Júnias
Pitões das Júnias

It is located at an altitude of about 1,200 meters and is the second highest village in Portugal, so it is not surprising that there is a frequent presence here in the coldest months.

To town of Pitões das Júnias It is the entrance gate of Gerês Trasmontano and ends up being two large visit cards of this most beautiful region. I did not stop wandering its streets and gardens, calmly appreciating each detail that I found.

5. Meda da Rocalva

Meda da Rocalva
Meda da Rocalva

It is located in the center of the Serra do Gerês and is one of the two most impressive geomonuments of the entire Park, being a place where you can appreciate the snow that falls and that remains untouched here.

Bem perto, you will be able to find another specimen worthy of registration and observation, in Roca Negra. You will be able to spot the magnificent Meda da Rocalva fazendo or trilho da Vezeira de Fafião. But be careful, especially in snowy conditions.

6. Minas dos Carris

Minas dos Carris
Minas dos Carris

It is a small exception in this list, because the Minas dos Carris is an inhospitable place and very difficult to access. To get to them, you may have to go through a total protection area of ​​the National Park, or Alto Homem valley.

This means that an authorization from the park management is necessary. We recommend that you continue to take care of your suit as much as possible, especially if it is for feito com neve.

7. Branda da Cova

Branda Da Cova
Branda da Cova (Antonio Cunha)

The brands are located where the shepherds raised their cattle during the summer, in search of greener pastures, being located in higher altitude points.

The branda da Cova is not the only one in the National Park where it snows, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful. To get there, you will have to assume to perform two trails, since both of them are quite demanding. One part of Soajo and the other part of Mezio.

8. Gavieira


Gavieira is a typical village of Gerês, which is located in the longitude of mass tourism that will no longer feel like the only Portuguese National Park. Therefore, it still retains some of its original charm.

Next to the village, you can find the sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Peneda, better known by most people, its fantastic waterfall, which fell from a height of 30 meters. When visiting Gavieira, don’t forget to visit the other villages of the parish, such as Rouças and Tibo.

9. Cute

Cute – Antonio Cunha

This captivating small village of the Ponte da Barca council is also located in the Peneda-Gerês National Park. cute It is made up of old granite houses and some agricultural facilities with typical roofing.

The first references to this place date back to the 9th century, when Lindoso was an important defense stronghold of our country. Do not miss visiting its imposing castle, classified as a National Monument.

10. Lamas de Mouro

Mouro slats
Mouro slats

This is certainly one of the two most desirable places to see in Gerês, because, in addition to having an easy access, it has a camping park with bungalows where you can spend the night.

Therefore, if you always dream of some holidays in the snow, especially at the height of Christmas or New Year, this could very well be the ideal solution for you. Do not hesitate to make reservations on time, to guarantee your place.