10 films to discover Madrid thanks to cinema

Madrid is one of the most common movie theaters in Spain. So, as we remain confined, anyone who wants to take a walk through the streets of the capital of Spain can resort to several movies where it is reflected. Do you want to know some of those titles to discover Madrid?

Actually, they are the many titles that can be viewed, but here We propose 10 films from different genres and periods. That is, a list for ‘all audiences’.

1. Movies to discover Madrid: Open your eyes

Being in the moment in which we are, the beginning for this list of films shot in Madrid could not be more appropriate than Open your eyes by Alejandro Amenabar. there you see a deserted Gran Vía, practically the same as the one we see in these days of the coronavirus pandemic.

2. The Day of the Beast

our next movie It has another iconic scene on the Gran Vía, but now in the Carrión building, at the height of the Plaza del Callao. There is a luminous sign of a famous tonic drink and on that rainbow of lights the most mythical scene of the film unfolds The Day of the Beast.

3. All the songs talk about me

A much more romantic vision of Madrid is given by director Jonás Trueba, the last link in a saga of key filmmakers in the Spanish seventh art. And it is also a less central vision, since shows us the friendlier side of certain neighborhoods and parks.

Four. Women at the edge of a nervous attack

If a list of cinema films set in Madrid is drawn up, it is absolutely essential to quote Pedro Almodóvar. In fact, a list could be made only with his films like tie me up, The flower of my secret either high heelsbut we choose Women at the edge of a nervous attack. It is one of the roundest works of his.

5. stockholm

Although the name of this film takes us to the capital of Sweden, the streets, terraces, portals and corners that we see are recorded for the most part in Malasana neighborhood. This is a fun corner of Madrid day and night.

6. get off the moor

Now we are going to discover the most recent history of Madrid through cinema. And for that, a good tape is get off the moor, a very traditional vision of the transition period in the Lavapiés neighborhood. Of course, with a continuous allusion to Morocco, that is, as today.

7. bikes are for summer

We continue with this quick historical review of Madrid through the cinema. Now we move to the years of the Civil War, or rather to its beginnings, when the capital was going to be completely transformed. So we can see what places like El Rastro or the neighborhood of La Latina were like before.

8. shearing

And we finish the itinerary through history by going to the times of the Enlightenment. We travel to the time of the Esquilache riot, which Josefina Molina shows us in her homonymous film. Definitely, It is a great guide to visit the Royal Palace of Madrid afterwards.

9. The day’s cold light

It is not necessary to think that Madrid has only been a great cinematographic set for Spanish films. There have also been various international productions filmed in the city. And many Hollywood stars have filmed here, for example Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver, who they did in Spain the spectacular persecutions of this film of action.

10. the city is not for me

And we are going to finish our proposal for cinema recorded in Madrid with an endearing production. who has not seen the city is not for me? That village grandfather lost in the capital and recounting the craziness of urban life in the 1960s.

Thinking about how I would have done it in these times is a good exercise for those days of forced seclusion. Because Watching movies serves to have fun, do virtual tourism, learn history and also invite us to reflectalbeit thanks to Paco Martínez Soria.

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