10 films to visit London again and again

It is always appetizing to take a trip to London to see its museums, do shoppinggo to their pubs, visit its markets or stroll along the banks of the River Thames. Obviously, we can’t always do it physically. But at least we have the cinema to enjoy all that and much more, even if it is in a virtual way. We invite you to enjoy the charms of the city with 10 movies to visit London.

Movies to visit London

We have seen London a thousand and one times in the cinema. Few cities in the world appear as much on the big screen as the British capital. There are many titles to choose from, and you will surely notice that some movie is missing or delete others that we mentioned without a moment’s hesitation.

However, we propose this selection of films to visit London as a starting point for you to make your own.

one. love actually

Let’s start with one of the most acclaimed choral films of recent decades: Love Actually. It is a film with a huge cast and various plots that intersect in settings as emblematic of London as number 10 Downing Street or Trafalgar Square with all its Christmas decorations.

two. Notting Hill

Now we go to one of the most romantic neighborhoods in London, Notting Hill, which gives its name to this love plot. It is a great opportunity to take a walk through the many charming shops in that neighborhood and, by the way, walk along Portobello Road.

3. Mary Poppins

And from contemporary classics, we go to an all-time classic: Mary Poppins, one of the best Disney musicals in history and set in London. But… all of it was filmed in California and any image that looks like the British capital to us is a set. It is the magic of cinema.

Four. The diaryof Bridget Jones

It is another film starring a woman, although very different. We refer to Bridget Jones, who after her literary success jumped into the movies. A) Yes we were able to discover the scenarios through which his hectic life unfolds, from the famous Tower Bridge to the equally well-known Borough Market.

5. queen

Now we recommend a film that tells us about one of the British essences, that is, about its monarchy. In queen we meet the long-lived British queenbut there are also places linked to it, such as Buckingham Palace, one of those places that you have to see yes or yes during a getaway to London.

6. The world is never enough

And if we name the queen, we have to mention her most faithful servant: James Bond. In many of the plots that agent 007 stars in, regardless of who the actor is, London appears. But we have chosen this The world is never enough for the long and fast-paced boat ride that it gives us on the River Thames.

7. Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is also an essential character in the literary and cinematographic history of London. Surely this is the most famous detective in the world. Y With him we can visit London to discover what the city was like in the 19th century.

8. shakespeare in love

Further in history this other London film takes us. In it we discover William Shakespeare himself. He was not born in the capital, but in the town of Stratford upon Avon, but it was on the banks of the Thames where he premiered many of his worksat The Globe theater seen in the film.

9. Snatch: Pigs and Diamonds

For those who want to delve into a darker and more rogue environment, there are also plenty of movies to visit London to choose from. We have chosen a fantastic film for its choral cast, its bizarre plot and its delirious situations. Anyone who hasn’t seen this movie will have a blast.

10. v for Vendetta

And we end up with a film title that has set a trend. v for Vendetta it is an immersion in a deeply politically changed London. The oldest democracy in the world is no longer such, and that is why your famous Westminster Parliament is going to blow up.

It proposes a vibrant, interesting plot that invites reflection. Something very important in these weeks in which the coronavirus crisis has given us an opportunity to watch movies, read, inform ourselves and meditate on what is important.

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