10 frozen villages in the Middle Ages in Brittany, France (II)

6. Among the most picturesque villages in Brittany, Josselin

A farmhouse with slate roofs that rises on the hill overlooking the river. The Rohan castle standing out and offering views towards the surroundings. josselin it is one of the most picturesque sights in Brittany about 80 kilometers from Rennes. Parishes, churches, convents and medieval chapels complete the panorama of a town that has changed little at first glance:

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7. Roscoff (Land of Pirates)

Roscoff It is a coastal city, commune of the department of Finisterre. The stories of this city and its port are abundant. A former pirate haven, in Roscoff today it is possible to find the legendary Johnnies or traditional pink onion vendors, who roam the streets on their bicycles among 16th-century facades and buildings.

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8. Another village on the list of the most beautiful in France (Moncontour)

Another of the most beautiful villas in Franceand with just 940 inhabitants. Moncontour It has old churches, 16th century houses, remains of watchtowers, 15th century walls, gates and fortifications. The complete scenery for a gentle journey through time.



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9. A village around a castle (Rochefort en Terre)

Built on a rocky promontory, Rochefort en Terre developed around a 12th-century castle, and retains many of its urban relics in the form of beautifully restored houses. recognized among the most beautiful villas in Franceand like so many other towns in Brittany, its few changes are due particularly to the drop in the number of settlers. On the main street it is possible to find some of the oldest houses, as well as chapels and not so far away, the buildings of the historic university.

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10. A medieval town in Vannes

16th century half-timbered houses, fortress and castle with original 15th century design. Yes ok Vannes today it is a city that has grown more than the previous towns, we incorporate it to the list for its medieval quarter, an invaluable memory of its past.

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