10 hotels to stay in Paraty next to the best beaches

During my stay in Paraty, one of the most beautiful towns in Brazil due to its colonial old town by the sea, I was learning about its history and its beaches. For this reason, in this post designed for those who want to organize a stay, I am going to specify where to stay in Paraty next to the beach with my recommendations.

As I mentioned in a previous post about general advice for staying in Paraty, there is the option of prioritizing being close to the old town, or choosing to be close to the best beaches. About the options to choose a hotel next to the beach is what I will talk about in this more specific post.

Although the more urban beaches of Paraty are beautiful in terms of landscape and surroundings, if what we seek to prioritize is being one step away from incredible beaches, it is best to move a little away from the old town to find beaches with better waters. It is not that the sea water in Paraty has anything bad, beyond that they are not as crystal clear as you imagine because the water has a lot of sedimentation for being at the mouth of two rivers.

In summary, I am going to explain the most common options for staying next to the best beaches. There are two options, either stay in the urbanization and Jabaquara beachor choose inns and hotels immersed in nature on the coast.

Hotels on the best nearby beach in Paraty: Jabaquara

I am going to mention options to stay both in these hotels and in apartments with excellent value for money, quality and good ratings, located next to Jabaquara beach, which I explain in detail below:

3 recommended apartments and houses in Jabaquara Paraty.

Homes of the Sea Paraty / They are apartment-style duplex homes with a shared pool and a stone’s throw from the sea.

Pomar do Aconchego House / apartment options with access to a beautiful garden and pool.

Squid Flats Paraty / These apartments are more modern in style, excellent in design and details, with access to individual terraces, shared garden and swimming pool.

3 hotels and rooms in complexes and inns recommended in Jabaquara

Banana Planet Paraty / these rooms are around a beautiful garden with access to a spa and relaxation areas.

Suites in Jabaquara, Paraty / They are very well rated rooms with access to a small garden.

Pousada Chale Suíço / Spacious rooms with access to a beautiful garden with a swimming pool.

What is Jabaquara like?

The best beach very close to the old town of Paraty is Jabaquaraand next to Jabaquara There are plenty of hotels, apartments and inns, since it is an urbanization or neighborhood a step away from Paraty.

It is one of the best places to stay in Paraty next to the beach to also be close to the old town. From there you can walk to the World Heritage old town in about ten minutes, or by taxi in less time.

Jabaquara It is an urbanization in an environment full of nature. In any case, although the beach is much wider, more extensive and more lively than the beaches next to the old town of Paraty, it is not entirely crystal clear, since there is still a river nearby with a lot of sedimentation. I am not saying this to discourage you from going to this place, which is beautiful, but simply so that you know in advance that this wonderful beach is not the most crystalline beach in the Paraty area.

So that you have a more visual idea, imagine taking a dip with views of an incredible landscape that I share with you in photos:

Jabaquara Beach in Paraty
Jabaquara in Paraty

Hotels next to paradisiacal beaches in the surroundings of Paraty

Whether we are more purists in seeking the idyllic paradise of crystalline waters, or if we prioritize the tranquility and beauty of a completely natural and less urbanized environment, it is best to choose to stay in hotels and inns that are remote on the coast or on islands near Paraty. For example, one of the most beautiful places on the Paraty coast is in the Mamanguá Baywho call it the fjord of Brazil.

3 recommended hotels in Mamanguá Bay

EcoLodge Paraty (this ecolodge does not have direct access to the beach as it is in the surroundings of the Mamamguá fjord in the middle of the jungle)

Mamanguá Eco Lodge

Mamanguá Refuge

To navigate to the inns that do not have road access, there are water taxi services and the hotels themselves tell you how to get there. You will be in total paradise, nature areas and paradisiacal beaches. To go to the city of Paraty you will either have to take taxis if your hotel has access to highways, or navigate in boats that offer transportation.

The call Mamamguá sackis a bay that is very close to Paraty, which has a landscape that is part of the Juatinga Ecological Reserveand of the Cairuçu Environmental Protection Area. It is a unique ria in the entire territory of Brazil, that is, a river valley flooded by the sea, and with the appearance of a tropical fjord. This coastal area is an authentic wonder with exuberant nature in a virgin state, and some houses and inns.

These are the beaches around Mamanguá Bay and the nearby islands:

Mananguá Bay
Where to stay in Paraty next to the beach

Extra tip: stay inside for jungle and nature

Sun Paraty Shawls / This option, which is not exactly close to the beach, but rather inland, offers small chalets around a pool and exuberant nature in the jungle and mountains

And here is the post of my recommendations for where to stay in Paraty next to the beach. Also on the blog you can check How to get to Paraty from Rio de Janeiro. Do not hesitate to leave the query in a comment that I will answer in what can help.