10 movie sets in San Francisco

San Francisco, along with Los Angeles, are the two largest urban centers in California. And if California is named, the word cinema goes practically together. Obviously, what is one of the most attractive cities in the United States has been filmed countless times and by the greatest directors. We are going to talk about that, about the movie sets in San Francisco.

We have chosen 10 films shot in San Francisco, but it could be 20 or 30. And even then, the vast majority would be high quality titles because this northern California city is capable of inspiring anyone. That capacity for evocation is such that he doesn’t lose it even when he sees it on the screen. So watch these movies and be inspired, so this period of forced confinement will pass much faster.

1. Cinema in San Francisco: bullit

Any San Francisco movie listing must include this film starring Steve McQueen and his incredible car races through the endless slopes of the city. It is a film for history and about which there are numerous tours still todayeven though it was a 1968 premiere.

two. dirty Harry

Another movie character that many tourists look for traces of in San Francisco is dirty Harry, the relentless policeman who cleans the streets of criminals. It is another iconic film for its protagonist and for the city that shows us some of its most emblematic corners or its famous trams.

3. The escape from Alcatraz

Tourism in San Francisco also includes a place between cinematography and history. We refer to the Alcatraz prison, located in the bay. It was a place designed so that no prisoner escaped, but Clint Eastwood showed that it was possible in this film. Nowadays it is no longer a prison, but an almost obligatory visit.

Four. Mrs Doubtfire

Another much funnier film is the one that tells us about the misadventure of the Mrs. Doubtfire. Many people come to the Pacific Heights neighborhood to see the house that appears in the film. Indeed, Mrs. Doubtfire was played by Robin Williams, who was in love with San Francisco and for this reason he left an order that after his death his ashes be scattered in the bay.

5. Chinatown

An essential film setting in San Francisco is Chinatown, the Chinese neighborhood of the Californian city. It is a place that, obviously, takes us to the Far Easta mixture of aromas, flavors and cultures that we see so well reflected in this memorable performance by Jack Nicholson.

6. My name is Harvey Milk.

Much more modern is this other film from 2008, but in a way it also shows the melting pot that is San Francisco. In this case tells us about Castro, the gay neighborhood par excellence in the city. It is a symbol of the traditional tolerance that governs life in this part of California.

7. Vertigo

Another icon of San Francisco is the steep curves of Lombard Street, one of the most photographed streets in the world. There are many people who rent a car just to go down here. Without a doubt, it is much more comfortable to see it in the cinema, and more in a true classic: Vertigo, of Hitchcock.

8. What’s wrong with me, doctor?

Also in the movie What’s wrong with me, doctor? The peculiar urban planning of San Francisco acquires a relevant importance with its slopes, its trams and its slopes. In this case it is to provoke a good laugh watching the protagonists walking those streets.

9. earthquake in san francisco

The San Andreas fault has caused countless earthquakes in California. It is a particularly propitious place, and that has inspired the cinema of catastrophes. We could cite many titles, but we are left with a recent one: earthquake in san franciscowhere the tremors in the Golden Gate are spectacularly recreated.

10. Contagion

And since we are talking about cinema inspired by tragedies and being in the historical moment we are in, we have to refer to the film Contagion. It premiered in 2011 and shows scenes filmed precisely in the Golden Gate Park.

But, above all, It is a film that tells us about a pandemic that begins in China and reaches the whole world. That is, something tremendously similar to the situation we are currently experiencing with the global expansion of the coronavirus.

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