10 movies about Buenos Aires, have you seen them?

They say that Buenos Aires is the most European of the South American capitals. It is still a set phrase, but what is certain is that The Argentine capital is the most cinematographic city in Latin America. Watching many of those films about Buenos Aires, one discovers that it is a city with a thousand faces, kaleidoscopic: European, Latin, American and, essentially, Argentine.

Few neighborhoods of the immense Buenos Aires metropolis have not appeared in the cinema. Its most touristic and recognizable areas have come out, such as the San Telmo neighborhood or Plaza Dos de Mayo, but also its humblest neighborhoods.

And, of course, all his hallmarks have been put on the screen: tango, economic crises, football, the dictatorship, his barbecues, psychotherapists’ couches… All that and much more is present in this list.

1. The Secret in Their Eyes: one of the great movies about Buenos Aires

Let’s start with a movie, of course. With The Secret in Their Eyes we can enter the last decades of history of Buenos Aires and all of Argentina. It is a wonderful film in which we see many of the typical environments of the porteños, from their bars to their soccer stadiums, passing through the emblematic Retiro station.

two. The official story

The previous film was awarded the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. And a few years before, this other plot of The official storywhere it meets again a wonderful cast of Argentine actors, capable of showing us what the dictatorship meant for their country.

3. Nine Queens

It is another film that perfectly represents the quality of Argentine cinema. This time it is Nine Queens, that tells us about the world of robbery and hustlers in Buenos Aires. It is a fun and fast-paced film, in addition to offering many doses of realism.

Four. focus

This film is also about thieves and swindlers, but now passed through the Hollywood sieve, since it is an American production with big stars like Will Smith. Y in one of its different chapters the plot ends in Buenos Airesbut throughout its footage many other places appear, such as New Orleans or Valencia.

5. avoid

Once again a Hollywood production with big stars, and this time it appears the very Madonna incarnating Eva Perón, also making a mythical scene on a balcony of the Casa Rosada in front of the Plaza de Mayo. It is a place that is always included in the tours tours of this famous government monument in the center of Buenos Aires.

6. Assassination Tango

We are talking about another great American actor filming in Buenos Aires, now Robert Duvall, but carrying out a very personal project in which he poured all his love for tango. And it is that the Argentine capital is inconceivable without that dance and those tango rhythms.

7. tetra

And we are talking about another great figure of the cinema who was interested in Buenos Aires. It was a myth of management, Francis Ford Coppola, who moved to the capital of Argentina to make one of your movies more personal and unknown, among other things because it was a co-production of various countries.

8. Super classic

Coppola is a great wine lover, in fact, he has his own winery in California. And without a doubt, he would enjoy the good Argentine broths. So did the protagonist of Super classic, a Dane who travels to Buenos Aires to recover his familyand it does so coinciding with the celebration of the superclásico between Boca Juniors and River Plate.

9. the two popes

This movie is inspired by one of the Argentines who has transcended the national sphere in recent years, that is, Jorge Bergoglio, who is now Pope Francis. And the film talks about him and his predecessor in the Vatican, the German Benedict XVI.

10. wild tales

We end this tour of films about Buenos Aires talking about one that is several at the same time. The title does not deceive. There are several stories and all of them with their wild pointin the right measure to discover the character of this exciting, excessive and special city.

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