10 movies in Miami, at the cinematographic Florida

Miami is the most famous city in the state of Florida. It is a privileged territory for its climate and its beaches on the shores of the Atlantic, but one step away from the Caribbean Sea. These geographical peculiarities make it an exceptional tourist destination.

Nevertheless, this city is also a magnificent film setideal to tell the thousand and one stories that are in these streets, the most Latin in the United States.

Miami in film and television

The presence of Miami on the screen is not something new. Movies and TV series have been filmed there for decades. For this reason, now that you cannot travel due to the coronavirus, you can prepare a good marathon of movies in which this city appears.

With that objective, we have prepared this list that includes classic movies, newer ones, police and gangster movies, romantic movies, comedies and even denunciations. Lights and action!

Corruption in Miami

A good example that Miami is a great set for movies and television series is this film, which is the film version of a famous television series: Miami Vice. This was a series that created a school and, above all, transcended even the world of fashion by the models worn by the two main detectives.

Golden Underworld

Long before that series starring Don Johnson, the movie premiered in 1967 Golden Underworld, also police themed. However, now the protagonist was the great Frank Sinatra, who shows us how in those years Miami was already a tourist mecca.

The Godfather II

Another classic. The Godfather II whose plot takes us a little further back in time, when Miami was the base from which the mafia intended to rule not only the hotels in Florida, but also the casinos in neighboring Cuba. This film, regardless of where it is recorded, is always a wonder for lovers of the seventh art.


And again a movie starring Al Pacino, now in the role of Tony Montana and his scarred face (Scarface). This, by the way, represents a Cuban character, and the fact is that the history of Miami would be completely different without the neighborhood of the great island of Cuba and its particular political regime.

two much

We change register completely and go to a comedy. And also, to one made by a Spanish director, Fernando Trueba, who, after receiving an Oscar, tried to take a step into Hollywood cinema shooting this romantic comedy that shows us the most casual face of the Florida metropolis.

Rhapsody in Miami

This other film is also a romantic comedy and has the same protagonist, Antonio Banderas.. However, it will be for your partnerthe famous Sarah Jessica Parker, or because of its resemblance to many Woody Allen films, but the fact is that it seems more like a film with a New York atmosphere.

Something happens with Mary

We continue with the comedies. In this case, an absolutely delirious one that was a huge hit at the box office.. we refer to the crazy Something happens with Marya film that finds the right setting in the streets, terraces and parks of Miami.

cricket cage

Now we have to name another of the great comedies that have been shot in Miami, A cage of cricketswhich speaks of a city gay-friendlyof Latino immigration, of tolerance. Undoubtedly, a film that exposes the friendliest and funniest face of the city.

the last rafter

Quite the opposite is this movie the last raftermuch more recent. In this case, we are facing a dose of reality and the present, since this film talks about how Cuban emigrants have to find a livelihood in a city and in a way of life that is not always as welcoming as it seems at first glance.

Two rogue policemen

We ended up with another movie that is, in a way, a sequel to the first one, Corruption in Miami. In the first place, because the director is the same, and the theme is also is based on the adventures of two detectives, in this case black, who resort to humor, violence and ingenuity to solve their cases, and incidentally make all the spectators have a good time.

Many options to get to know Miami

At least until you treat yourself to a trip to this famous American city, resorting to these movies will help you satiate the desire a little. Especially if you are a lover of cinema, the classics and the actors involved, we recommend these 10 great alternatives!

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