10 Movies Set and Inspired by Chicago

Chicago, in the state of Illinois, is one of the most impressive cities in the United States, and it is for many reasons. For its history and its present, its art and its cultural dynamism, its skyscrapers and its parks, its pubs, restaurants, theaters and museums. All this is reflected in the many movies that have been set here.

chicago in the movies

Much of the film productions about Chicago focus on its past, in its history dominated by famous gangsters. However, there are also others that recreate the present, and even the future. These 10 films that we present here deal with all this and much more:


Let’s start with a movie with the name of the city. Chicagoone of the best musicals that have been recorded in recent decades and that, of course, They take us back to the thirties of the twentieth century.

Of course, this is achieved through some magnificent musical numbers in which Hollywood stars surprised with their talents for singing and dancing.

High Fidelity

This movie from the year 2000 plays in its title with HiFi sound quality and with the idea of ​​fidelity in love. But in addition to the love and youth story that it portrays, everyone who sees it can feel reflected in the idea of ​​making lists with the favorite songs for each occasion, something that used to be done on cassettes and now on play list digital.

The Blues Brothers

We continue with musical movies related to Chicago, and now it’s T’s turnI have Blues Brothers. It narrates the adventures and performances of two brothers who are passionate about Rock And Roll and fun. A classic for those who like good music, with wonderful songs by Aretha Franklin or Ray Charlesamong many others.

The hit

Again a movie in Chicago and with unmistakable music: The hit. In this case, what many remember is the chemistry between two of the greatest actors in history: Robert Redford and Paul Newman. It is a funniest story about a big scam, and that takes place in the years when gambling and liquor were things of the underworld.

The Untouchables by Elliot Ness

And if we talk about the underworld and Chicago, there is one name that stands out above the rest: that of the mobster Al Capone. Well, this movie narrates how a group of police officers was forged who had to achieve his arrest.

It is fantastic and memorable, especially because of the shooting scene in the beautiful Union Station in the city of Illinois —photo above—, one of the most beautiful train stations in the world.

bad boys

Again a Chicago cop movie, but more modern. This is a tape where they show us the underworld of the city.

By the way, this film, starring Sean Penn in 1983, should not be confused with a later one with the same title in English, bad boysbut which was translated into Spanish as Two rebel policemen, which we talked about in an article dedicated to the cinema made in Miami, Florida.


This time, another film inspired by the public servants of the city of Chicago. However, in Flames the characters are firefighters, as their name suggests. By the way, in this film appears the actor who played Capone in The Untouchables by Elliot Ness; he is none other than the great Robert de Niro.

Home alone

Now we are going to mention a film that is also set in Chicago, but in reality it takes place almost entirely inside a house. This huge and beautiful house is actually a ruin after the adventures of little Macaulay Culkin. We refer, obviously, to Home alone.

I robot

As we mentioned at the beginning, the films about Chicago tell us about its past and its present, but they also serve to speculate on the future. That’s what it tells us this film that takes us to the year 2035, to a dystopian society conceived from the books of the famous writer Isaac Asimov.

Better alone than in bad company

Finally, a film that offers us a journey between two of the most interesting cities in the United States. A road that takes us from New York to Chicago.

It is a trip that costs just over two hours by plane, but for the protagonists of this film it lasts for several days of the most eventful and comical. It is a perfect option to laugh for a while and travel with the imagination!

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