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10 places to visit in the Center of Portugal

The Center of Portugal is a whole country within our country, due to its extraordinary diversity, being able to provide us with traditional villages, wild beaches, snow, and an extraordinary and unforgettable landscape. This incredible diversity is, without doubt, two great reasons to visit this region.

Apart from all the landscape and cultural diversity, the Center of Portugal is also rich in architectural heritage. São, alias, several monuments considered World Heritage by UNESCO that are located in the center of the country. E a cereja no topo do bolo: its delicious gastronomy, where we include the twelve conventuais.

Its enormous wealth has become a very popular name in a region to spend fairs or even for a getaway. E se são esses os seus planes, nothing like inspiring-se um little with our list. Discover some of the best places to visit in the Center of Portugal.

1. Coimbra


fall from Coimbra It’s fado talk, students, historical neighborhoods and tradition. This city was the capital of our country in 1255, having deep roots in our history. We cannot help but visit the University of Coimbra and walk through the Jardim Botânico, which has about 13.5 hectares of pure nature to discover.

2. Berlengas


It is a popular destination, but we will not lose its tranquil, jungle beauty. The archipelago only has a hotel and a camping park on the islands (the only one that is inhabited), the rest being preserved, a true natural paradise made up of small beaches that stand out among the crystal clear water and above.

3. Historic Villages of Portugal

historical villages of portugal

Ace historical villages of Portugal We preserve its beauty and traditions as few, being that the geographical proximity between many of them makes it easier to discover these unique locations in our country. We cannot fail to know the fortress of Almeida, with a peculiar star-shaped format, or the Medieval Castle of Monsanto, among other incredible locations.

4. Take


It is called “Cidade dos Templários”, being its history linked to this Order in our country. Here are unique monuments such as the Castelo dos Templários, a 12th-century military building that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I cannot help but know the Convent of Christ, a true amalgamation of various architectural styles, with emphasis on the Renaissance, Gothic and Romanesque.

5. Obidos

most beautiful villages in portugal

On its mural is a postal card from this beautiful village, dispensing presentations. At the end of 1834, it was known as “presente das rainhas”, since it was part of the dowry of many of them. It is considered a literary village, with UNESCO to grant this distinction inclusively in 2015, since many degraded spaces have been rehabilitated and transformed into bookstores.

6. Nazaré


This fishing city is simply charming and rich in maritime traditions, from the boats with the original structure to the tradition of placing sardinhas and cavalas to dry in the sun, passing through seven saias das mulheres. Around here there is no lack of beautiful beaches, churches and, of course, giant waves, which fizeram with Portugal entering Guinness with the biggest wave surfed in the world.

7. Alcobaca

Mosteiro de Alcobaça
Mosteiro de Alcobaça

If you are passing through Alcobaça, visit the Jardim do Amor and go up to the Castelo to have a breathless view. But there is no way to highlight the Mosteiro de Alcobaça among the many wonders that you can find here. This mosteiro was elected one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal, being a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1989. It is here that we find the burial mounds of Pedro and Inês.

8. Leiria

would read
would read

We are in the center of our country, and we have a vast heritage. Try to know or cast it, at Igreja de São Pedro (12th century), the streets of the historic center and Rota d’O Crime do Padre Amaro, with illustrations by Sílvia Patrício, with various works in memory of Eça de Queiroz. I also don’t want to walk along the banks of the Lis River.

9. Covilha


Failing the Center of Portugal, we cannot fail to refer to Serra da Estrela and, of course, to Covilhã, one of the best places from where you can start to discover the Serra. Here you will find 9 routes to visit the city more deeply, like the owners of the judiarias and da lã. Also visit Igreja de Santa Maria and marvel at its blue and white tiles.

10. Villages of Xisto

Center of Portugal

Here you can breathe pure nature, with the beautiful houses of success to stand out-there is a beautiful landscape. not total 27 xisto villages, being more known Piódão, with the different localities to be distributed by the Serras da Lousã, do Açor, in the area of ​​the Zêzere river, and four next to the Tejo-Ocreza. Delight yourself also with the marvelous fluvial beaches and with the natural beauty of the region.

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