10 reasons to take a Mediterranean cruise

The Mediterranean cruise is one of the most popular you can do from Spain. It is very likely that you know someone who has done it, and surely he has told you a thousand wonders. But maybe you haven’t convinced yourself yet. Therefore, we are going to give you 10 reasons to embark on this adventure.

1. You know a part of history

Spanish culture and history owe much to the Mediterranean. Much of what the country is and how it is is linked to this sea. And the same goes for all the countries that are lucky enough to be bathed in it, from France to Italy to Greece.

Seeing the influence of the sea in the different territories is something curious to see and, above all, interesting. Thanks to a Mediterranean cruise you will be able to perceive the contrast very easily.

2. The price is relatively low

Starting from the premise that cruises are not the cheapest trips, the truth is that those that cross the Mediterranean are those that have a lower price.

Of course, keep in mind that the different shipping companies, as if they were different airlines, offer different prices and routes. Thus, don’t forget to compare different prices and choose the one that best fits your budget.

3. They depart from Spain

Some of the largest shipping companies in the world begin their journey through the Mediterranean Sea from Spanish ports. With 7 international terminals, Barcelona is the port that receives the most cruise ships per year. In 2018, more than 800 scales were made in it.

4. Fun is guaranteed on a Mediterranean cruise

In these types of cruises, the word boredom is not allowed. There are dozens, if not hundreds of different activities for all ages and tastes. Cruise ships are miniature cities, with shops, restaurants, nightclubs, swimming pools…

That inside the ship, but Outside there are also a thousand things waiting for you to do. You can hire excursions or fun experiences at the stops you make, in order to take full advantage of the adventure.

5. You will enjoy a very good kitchen

These types of cruises are characterized by the all-inclusive and for having delicious menus almost 24 hours a day. Therefore, food and drink will not be a problem, especially if you love to try different things.

And as if that were not enough, logically at each of the stops you can enjoy the gastronomy characteristic of each place. And it is known worldwide that Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most exquisite on the planet.

6. You will get to know many cities in a short time

View of Marseille

One of the main advantages of taking a Mediterranean cruise is that in just a few days you can visit several cities, and even countries. And also, with this type of cruise you can see some of the most important cities on the continent, such as Rome or Athens.

7. Different itineraries to choose from

Different shipping companies offer different itineraries. Some make their stopovers in some cities and others in others, so you have a wide range of possibilities before you. You just have to think about what places you want to visit and take into account the starting and ending point of the itinerary. You will surely find the perfect cruise for you.

8. The weather is always good

Of course, in the Mediterranean, time is not one of the main concerns. Generally you will have good temperatures and clear days.

It is possible that, especially in winter, you will find a storm, but nothing that does not make you enjoy the experience. It is because of that you can do this type of cruise at practically any time of the year.

9. You do not need to change currency

One of the most “lazy” things when traveling is if you have to change currency. The advantage of these cruises is that most of the countries they tour have the single currency. In addition, inside the boat you can pay without any problem. So that’s another worry you save yourself.

10. The quality is very high

As we said above, each shipping company offers different things (with its consequent price variation) but they are all of enormous quality. Therefore, you should make sure what each company offers you. Value the value for money very well and find the option that fits perfectly to what you are looking for.

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