10 things not to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires It is a city that receives hundreds of thousands of tourists a year. The capital of La Plata satisfies travelers seeking the greatest luxury with five-star hotels, gastronomy of the highest level and shops of the most renowned designers up to backpackers who are looking for a more cultural and austere side.

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The capital of Buenos Aires does not stop receiving tourists from all cardinal points and from each continent, a sign that the tourist infrastructure and the attractions to be discovered have become irresistible. As in any destination you visit, it is always good to know what not to do when you visit Buenos Aires.

1. Do not visit San Telmo on weekdays (if we want to see it in its splendor). Although this Buenos Aires neighborhood is charming any day you visit, the ideal is to go on Saturday or Sunday to find it at its peak of activity. It is that those are the days that the antiques fair is installed around Plaza Dorrego and on Calle Defensa the handicraft and design stalls stretch out infinitely, where you can buy the most original souvenirs. There are also shows by street musicians, artists, tango….

2. Do not visit shopping malls (if you only have a few days in the city). In Buenos Aires they abound and there is so much to discover that it is better not to waste time in closed places like these. The best thing you can do is exchange them for open-air shopping centers on avenues like Santa Fe or the Florida pedestrian street, where you will find everything you are looking for. And if you still want to know a shoppingThe best thing you can do is take a sample and just go to Abasto and Galerías Pacífico, which are located in historic buildings of great architectural value. The first, in the monumental building that was the Mercado de Abasto and that occupies an entire block. The second, in an exquisite gallery with frescoed ceilings and a unique French-style construction.

3. Do not visit the tango shows for export. If what you want is to get to know the traditional tango, the one that was danced in Gardel’s time, the best thing you can do is visit an authentic milonga and traditional tango bars.

4. Do not change money in public. You will find walking through the center of Buenos Aires many people offering “exchange”, which is known as Little trees. The best thing you can do is not exchange currency with them and do it in banks, for more security.

5. Do not wait for cars to stop when crossing the street without light that authorizes the pedestrian crossing. If you come from other cities where you usually set foot off the sidewalk and cars stop to let you pass -even if you cross in the middle of the street or the light does not allow you-, remember that in Buenos Aires this does not happen. The traffic tends to be chaotic and the conduct of motorists is despotic, for which reason he respects the places to cross the street and always pays close attention to cars and traffic lights.

6. Do not neglect personal effects. The first thing that may surprise Buenos Aires it’s how populous it is. Due to this magnitude of people who travel through the city every day, it is recommended that you do not get distracted if you sit in a square and leave your bag, backpack, on the ground. Or if you sit in a bar, don’t leave them careless on the chairs and carry her safely in your arms when you walk. In the subways (meters) take precautions with purses and wallets. This is only because in riots there can always be a snatcher waiting for an oversight and just by being attentive, you will save yourself an inconvenience.

7. Don’t take any taxi. Do not get into the first taxi you see on the street, first you have to make sure it is a “radio taxi” for more security.

8. Don’t be surprised when men greet each other with a kiss on the cheek. The Argentines In general, they are very affectionate, so they are not surprised to see two men greeting each other with a kiss on the right cheek or hugging each other.

9. Not stop going to a Buenos Aires bar. A Buenos Aires custom par excellence is to stop at one of the many bars, at the time of day that you like best, to have a coffee. It can be done alone or with company, the truth is that you cannot stop being part of this tradition if you go through Buenos Aires. You can choose the most modern bars or one of the so-called “notable”, which retain the physiognomy of 50 years ago or more.

10. Do not touch youmore controversial in a chat with Argentines. If you are not willing to enter into a heated debate, do not bring up thorny topics in a conversation with Argentines. Topics such as soccer, politics and religion can stir the most fervent passions of the porteños, and it will not be easy for you to calm the spirits once the conversation has started.

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