10 typical Christmas dishes

Today at El Viajero Feliz, we stick to the approaching holiday season, where families gather around large tables laden with food to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. Christmas dinners are a classic, which depending on the country can have different elements. Roasted chicken, seafood, ham, nougat, turkey, are just some of the typical dishes of each Christmas. Due to the immense variety We want to take a gastronomic journey through Christmas recipes from around the world. Can you come with us?

10 typical Christmas dishes around the world

1. Nougat, marzipan and polvorones (Spain)

Nougats, marzipans and polvorones They are essential elements and are part of the typical Spanish Christmas dishes. Marzipans are positioned as one of the most sought after desserts during the Christmas holidays, forming part of the culinary culture of Spain. They are made from raw almonds with sugar, which are mixed and crushed to form a hard paste with a uniform texture.

Another of the desserts that are not lacking in the Spanish Christmas dinner are the polvorones, a typical Christmas dish in Spain. It is a food made with flour, butter and sugar, the mixture of which is baked until it forms a texture that dissolves as if it were powder. Its origin comes from Andalusian and Navarre gastronomy and is also part of the culture of Valladolid. Nor should we forget the nougat, especially the nougat party, very typical in the area of ​​Tenerife.

2. Baked turkey (United States)

Baked turkey, United States

One of the typical Christmas dishes in the United States is baked turkey, which It is part of a long Christmas tradition that even crosses borders. In many parts of the world they present this food as the main course of healthy Christmas dinners on Christmas Eve. However, few know that it has its origins in the United States, being one of the main countries that has this food at Christmas.

In addition, it is a very common and simple recipe to prepare on Christmas Eve. However, it does not mean that each country puts its personal touch in the way of preparing it. Generally in South America it is usually stuffed, while in England it is accompanied with sausages, cranberry sauce and butter. For its part, in the United States it has a garnish of mashed potatoes and apple pie.

3. Panettone (Italy)

Panettone, Italy, typical Christmas dishes

Also named Pannetone, It is one of the typical Christmas dishes in Italy that can never be missing in Italian Christmas meals. It is one of the most traditional foods in the country, and despite its simplicity, it has an exquisite flavor that is worth repeating. Indeed, it is a sweet dome-shaped fruit bread, which usually contains raisins, candied orange and lemon zest.

Although it is one of the traditional Italian Christmas meals, it does not mean that each family does not have its own way of preparing panettone. In addition, it should be noted that pannetone is also a commercial product, which is why it is distributed in the main chain stores and supermarkets in Italy.

4. Ham Bread (Venezuela)

Pan de Jamón, Venezuela, typical Christmas dishes

One of the typical Christmas dishes in Venezuela, and which has always been part of the Christmas Eve dinner for more than a century, is ham bread. However, at first it was one of the most expensive Christmas meals due to the ingredients it contained, so it was only eaten in December. But, with the passage of time, the recipe became famous and began to reach homes, becoming a Venezuelan tradition to prepare this food.

It should be noted that the recipe is simple, with few ingredients and that it is ready in a short time. The key is to prepare a good moist dough from milk, egg and butter (not margarine). The rest of the ingredients are smoked ham, paprika-stuffed olives, bacon and raisins. All this has allowed it to be a typical Christmas dish in Venezuela.

However, he is not the only one. At the table of Venezuelan food on Christmas Eve Hallacas also stand out as typical Christmas foods. The Christmas dish is finished with the chicken salad, the pork leg and a good cream punch.

5. Fritters (Colombia)

Bunuelos, Colombia

Christmas meals are not a subject that is taken lightly in Colombia. Especially when talking about fritters, since they are a food that is essential on the table of the Colombian December festivities.

The meeting to prepare these delicacies is already part of the culture of Colombia, since they are used to enjoy the novenas and to accompany the Christmas Eve dinner. They are balls of cornmeal and coastal cheese that can be purchased at any bakery. Even, The appreciation for this typical Colombian dish at Christmas is so great that it is consumed throughout the year. Normally, in Antioquia is where this type of food is most often seen.

6. Buche de Noël (France)

Buche de Noel, France

The Christmas log or Christmas crop It is the quintessential Christmas dessert in France. There are several recipes, but the most popular is the one that is made with a soft cake base and chocolate cream. Decoration is important: the more real the log looks, the better. This has led it to be one of the typical French dishes at Christmas.

The first recipe was made at the end of the 19th century by the hands of a French pastry chef. The Christmas log cake is now one of the traditional Christmas foods in France, forming part of its culture and traditions. In the end, it is a Genoese cake covered in buttercream in the shape of a log that it is consumed at Christmas in France as part of French culture.

7. Vitel tone (Argentina)

Vitel Tone, Argentina

One of the main typical Christmas dishes in Argentina is Vitel toné. It consists of a cut of beef known as “peceto”, accompanied by a sauce that enhances the flavor. The latter is made up of anchovies, tuna, milk cream, mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, bay leaf, salt and pepper.

Many people take this option as an input, becoming an essential option among the typical Christmas dishes in Argentina. Its origin reaches the area of ​​Piedmont, in Italy, whose recipe was transferred by immigrants. Little by little, from generation to generation, it began to be a vital part of Argentine Christmas meals.

8. Sausages with potato salad (Germany)

sausages with potato salad, Germany

The protagonists of any food fair or market in Germany, especially at Christmas time, are sausages. They come in all colors and sizes, each with a different preparation, so it is worth trying them all. During the Christmas markets, you can usually get up to three different kinds of sausages, grilled or grilled. You can order a bread stuffed with mustard or as Currywurts, a typical preparation with a traditional sauce that is complemented with French fries.

However, one of the typical Christmas dishes in Germany are sausages with potato salad, being essential at Christmas dinners. According to the ancient tradition of Christianity, Lent began from the day of Saint Martin, on November 11, and ended on December 24, which meant that only one dish was offered on Christmas Eve. To this day, it remains one of the most popular German Christmas foods at dinner parties as part of their culture.

9. Romeritos (Mexico)

Romeritos, Mexico, typical Christmas dishes

Romeritos are one of the typical Christmas dishes in Mexico, a very traditional food in Mexican gastronomy, especially in DF. The story goes that it was one of the favorite foods of the Aztecs because of the large amount of nutrients it provides the body, and how easy it was to acquire them. Its consumption has transcended generations, to such an extent that it is part of the country’s Christmas dinners as an essential element.

10. Soan Papdi (India)

Soan Papdi, India

Soan Papdi is a well-known Indian dessert, which has led it to become one of the country’s typical Christmas dishes. Generally, it has a cube shape and is offered in flakes, characterized mainly by its crunchy and flaky texture. It is said that its origin reaches the western state of Maharashtra, extending to the regions of Gujarat, Punjab and Rajasthan. It is mainly prepared from sugar, chickpea flour, flour, ghee, milk and cardamom.

What do you think of the best typical Christmas dishes from around the world? You may notice that each country has its own customs that allow it to celebrate Christmas in a totally different way. One of them is traditional Christmas meals. For this reason, we invite you to leave in the comments another dish that we should include.