11 Curiosities of Superman Returns (Returns) that you did not know

Curiosities of Superman Returns (Returns). The best fun facts about superman returns (2006).

Curious Planet compiles the things you didn’t know about the filming of the Superman Returns movie.

1. Since Warner Bros bought the rights to Alexander Salkind in 1993, there have been several attempts to bring a new Superman movie to the screen.

2. The first script was written by Kevin Smith and it was going to be directed by Tim Burton, and it was titled “Superman Lives”, with Nicolas Cage as the protagonist.

3. Tim Burton’s project came almost to the end, getting to print posters with the face of Nicolas Cage and a message that said: «Premiere 1998«.

4. Under the first script, Jack Nicholson was going to play Lex Luthor and Sandra Bullock was going to play Lois Lane, and it was based on a cartoon from that time in which Superman died at the hands of a creature called Doomsday and was later revived with much stronger powers. more intense than the ones he had before he died. When the budget started to get huge, the project was abruptly put on hold.

5. The second time the Superman project was attempted, director Brett Ratner was chosen to write JJ Abrams’ script. The names of Josh Hartnett, Ashton Kutcher, Paul Walker, Brendan Fraser or Jerry O’Conell among others to play Superman and Anthony Hopkins in the role of Jor-El were discussed, but Ratner left the project after not agreeing on what to do. actor would play Superman.

6. The third director chosen to carry out the project was McG, who left filming suspended for a few years to shoot “Charlie’s Angels.” He left the project very angry, because he was not allowed to shoot the movie in the United States, because for budget reasons Warner wanted to shoot it in Australia.

7. Bryan Singer was the fourth director to accept the project and finally the one who got to shoot the movie.

curiosities of superman returns returns

8. Bryan Singer noticed Kate Bosworth to play Lois Lane, seeing her in “Beyond the Sea,” a film starring and directed by Kevin Spacey, who plays Lex Luthor in “Superman Returns.”

9. Singer scrapped Abrams’ script and hired regular collaborators Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty to write a new script, accepted Warner’s proposal to shoot in Australia, but made it a condition that the actor playing Superman be unknown.

10. To find the protagonistconducted an intensive search in the United States, Australia, England and Canada, in which thousands of potential candidates were interviewed. Finally, Brandon Routh was chosena 25-year-old Iowa native who bears a certain resemblance to Christopher Reeve.

eleven. Singer decided to take advantage of some scenes from Marlon Brando that were never seen by the public to include him in the cast as Jor-El.