21 things to see in Athens. Don’t miss any!

Athens is the cradle of history, gods and art. It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities and when you visit it you will feel that you are in another world. There are so many things to see in Athens that it would be almost impossible to list them, but some are really essential. Do you want to know which ones?

Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. Full of legends and history, it is a very visited city that requires knowing something about it before going. It is the best way not to miss anything, and we want to offer you some suggestions.

athens and history

Athens is, above all, history. It is the cradle of Western civilization and, therefore, there are places that you should not miss under any circumstances. These are some of them, the first 6 of our list of things to see in Athens:

1. Go up to the Acropolis. We could not start the trip in any other way than with the great jewel, the Acropolis, one of the essential things to see in Athens. Do not miss any of its monuments. There are guided tours, but you can also visit it on your own, you choose that.

Parthenon – Samoth

2. Don’t forget the temple of Zeus. This is not in the Acropolis, but from it you can take a photo with it in the background. It will arouse the envy of your friends.

3. Take a guided tour of the National Archaeological Museum if you like history and want to know more about this mythical city.

4. On Thursdays you can enter the Benaki Museum for freewhere you can learn more about Greek civilization.

Agora – kirkandmimi /

5. The ruins of the Agora are a place to get lost and evade the mind while enjoying the beauty of its sculptures.

6. The Roman Agora is also in the cityremnants of the Roman civilization of yesteryear, among which its Tower of the Winds stands out.

Neighborhoods, squares and streets of Athens

We leave history to savor the spirit of the city. We add seven proposals that will allow you to discover a very special Athens.

7. Stroll around Plakaone of its most famous neighborhoods, full of shops, restaurants and dream places that you will want to immortalize in a photograph.

Plaka neighborhood – Anastasios71

8. Must see Syntagma Square, the most famous in the city. A must have to add to your list.

9. Enjoy Ermou street. In it is the Church of Panagia Kapnikarea, a dream building with a very particular Greek touch and that seems to be taken from a fairy tale.

10. Visit the well-known Flea Market in the Monastiraki neighborhood. No, they do not sell fleas, but rather rare and antique objects at very affordable prices. If you want something original and authentic from Greece, you might find it here.

11. In the Anafiotika neighborhood there is an emblematic street, the Mnisikleous, in which you would love to have a drink in one of its premises.

Anafiotika neighborhood – Robert Wallace /

12. In that same neighborhood, there are hundreds of stairs to get to it. Enjoy the ride and take it easy to climb to the top, there is the best.

13. Meet the delicatessens and spice shops that are hidden in Evripidou street. They are really curious. Do not miss it!

More things to see in Athens

We’re not done at all. There are still many things to see in Athens. We add another 8 to the list, very different, but very special.

14. Go to Parliament and enjoy the changing of the guard. A unique event that many visitors contemplate daily.

15. If you are adventurous, climb Mount Philopappos, a magical place where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the Acropolis.

16. Enjoy the urban art of Athens strolling through its neighborhoods, as this is one of its greatest characteristics.

Athens – Mariamichelle /

17. Athens Cathedral. Every well-known city has a cathedral that leaves tourists speechless and the one in Athens is not for less.

18. Don’t miss the National Gardens, a place full of charm and magic that will transport you to another world. If you want to relax enjoying nature, this is the perfect place.

19. Eat mousaka, Greek yogurt and feta cheese. Even if you think you know them, when you taste the authentic flavor in the country you will realize that they have nothing to do with each other.

Hydra – dims321/

20. Visit Hydra, an island that belongs to Athens and which you will reach in just under half an hour. You can enjoy the tranquility of being in a place without cars while delighting your eyes with the 17th century mansions that form the coastline.

twenty-one. If you don’t have much time, take a tour on the tourist bus, will show you the best known places in the city.


“Greece is to humanity what the heart and mind are to the human.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-

As you can see, there are many things to see in Athens, as its history gives it incalculable value. This has been our proposal for you to enjoy the city to the fullest. Good trip!

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