25 years of the Cesaraugusta Forum Museum in Zaragoza

Next to the Cathedral of La Seo and the Basilica del Pilar is this museum, which offers an insight into the structure of the ancient Roman city.

The year 1995 opened for the first time the Caesaraugusta Forum Museum, a space that brought together the remains of the ancient city in the times of Augustus and Tiberius. These archaeological remains were discovered in the Plaza de la Seo, one of the most important points of the Aragonese capital. This museum offers a surprising visit to the past of Zaragoza, with a sample of the organization of the city in Roman times and in it we can see the vestiges of the urban organization in its historic center.

Among the remains found in this museum space we find the remains of a commercial area, with pipes for water from the Ebro, a network of sewers and walls of various businesses from the time, in addition to the foundations of the large central portico. This is part of what was the first archaeological museum in Zaragozaalthough the offer was extended shortly after with the Public Baths Museum (1999), the River Port Museum (2000) and the Theater Museum (2003).

These four museums make up what is known as Caesaraugusta Route, which highlights the history of Zaragoza as one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire in the Iberian Peninsula. The building that houses the Cesaraugusta Forum Museum stands in front of the Seo Cathedral and contrasts with the other elements of the square due to its modern and current design in the shape of a cube covered by pieces of onyx of Iranian origin.

In addition to the pieces that can be found permanently and whose descriptive elements are periodically renewed, this museum houses several Temporary exhibitions, which have been present since its inauguration. Among them stands out the exhibition of the Áscoli Bronze in 1995 on loan from the Capitoline Museums in Rome or the exhibition of the Ena sculpture group that appeared in Zaragoza in 1913 and belongs to the Frederic Marés Museum in Barcelona, ​​which was exhibited in 2003.

The Museum has celebrated special guided tours for a few days, but it continues to offer all the magic of Zaragoza’s Roman past for visitors right in the center of the city, next to the Seo Cathedral, near the Basilica of the Pillar and a few meters from the Ebro.

This is the location of the Cesaraugusta Forum Museum in Zaragoza.

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