3 days in Berlin: everything you can see and do

The German capital has many charms. The question is how much time is necessary to not miss any of the most prominent monuments and places. 3 days in Berlin can be enough time to get to know the city. In this article we suggest how to do it.

Day 1: Brandenburg Gate and surroundings

The first of the 3 days in Berlin begins in one of its icons: the brandenburg gate, located in the Paris square. The construction, witness to great historical events, was inspired by the portals of the Acropolis of Athens and is crowned by four bronze horses and the goddess of Victory.

brandenburg gate

Very close is the Reichstag building, seat of the German Parliament in Berlin. Especially noteworthy is its glass dome, designed by Norman Foster, who tried to symbolize German Reunification. This can be visited, explore its interior and enjoy the views it offers.

of the Reichstag we go to Potsdamer Platz, old heart of the city and one of the most modern areas of it today. In fact, in this place remains of the Berlin Wall coexist with important buildings of contemporary architecture, such as the Sony Center and the Quartier Daimler Chrysler.

On the first day of tourism in the capital of Germany You should also take the opportunity to visit the Holocaust Memorial. It consists of 2,711 concrete blocks of different heights with which they pay homage to the Jews murdered in Europe during the Second World War.

Day 2: Alexanderplatz and Museum Island

World Clock – Steffen /

The second day in Berlin can be spent climbing to the top of the television tower, 368 meters high. From its platform, at 203 meters, you can enjoy the best views of the city. It also has a restaurant that rotates three hundred and sixty degrees every half hour.

The television tower is located on Alexanderplatz, the most touristic square in Berlin. In it you can see the famous World Clock, which indicates the time of great cities of the world. Also there are the fountain of Friendship between Peoples and that of Neptune; the Marienkirche church, from 1380; and the Red Town Hall.

Near Alexanderplatz is the Berlin Cathedral, built between 1894 and 1905. Its exterior highlights its enormous dome of eighty-five meters. Inside you must see the Hohenzollern crypt, which houses the sarcophagi of members of the dynasty who died between the 16th and 20th centuries.

Before finishing the second of the 3 days in Berlin, you have to visit the Museum Island. There are five museums there: Pergamon, the most visited; the Bod; the Ancient, with art and sculptures from Greece or the Roman Empire; the New, in which the bust of Nefertiti is exhibited; and the Old National Gallery, with paintings by artists such as Monet.

Last of the 3 days in Berlin: the Wall

East Side Galleryn

You cannot leave the city without visiting one of the most significant places in Berlin: the Wall. The best known and longest part of it is the East Side Gallerywhich is an authentic open-air art gallery.


One of the most outstanding paintings in the gallery is that of the socialist brotherly kiss starring Erich Honecker, leader of East Germany, and Leonidas Brezhnev, of the Soviet Union.

Just as interesting is Checkpoint Charlie. It was the most famous passage of the Berlin Wall during the Cold War and through which only the military or embassy personnel could cross. Next to it there is a museum with a lot of information about that historical period that is worth visiting.

The rest of the day can be used to visit other places of interest, like its parks, among which the Tiergarten stands out, located in the center of the city. You can also see the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, destroyed by bombing by Allied troops during World War II.

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