3 islands to go to at Christmas and experience different festivities

Ohh… white Christmas! Although from time to time it is not bad to change the white of the snow for the white sand of the beach of some paradisiacal island. Can you imagine it? Today we propose to spend the Christmas holidays in a different way. We take you to three islands to go at Christmas and make these dates unforgettable.

We will fly to the Pacific, to the island of Oahu in Hawaii, with its stunning beaches and fantastic weather. Then we will travel to Africa, to the Seychelles, the most perfect gift that Santa Claus can bring. Finally, we will visit the Maldives, in the Indian Ocean, another ideal destination to spend a dream Christmas. Let’s start!

1. Islands to go to for Christmas: Oahu

If you’ve always wanted to travel to Hawaii, Christmas is a perfect time to do it. You can enjoy all the flavor of this wonderful archipelago while you enjoy the Christmas rituals.

Waimanalo Beach in Oahu

Oahu does not give up on Christmas traditions, despite its eternal summer climate. Throughout the month of December, Oahu dresses up for a party. There are numerous Christmas parades, with music, typical Hawaiian dances, street parades and costume parades.

There is a special event that delights young and old: the Santa Klaus reception on Waikiki beach. You will be able to receive between celebrations Santa, who arrives in a Hawaiian canoe.

Y between event and Christmas event you can enjoy its wonderful beaches, like the one at Lanikai Beach. Kayaking through the waters of this beach in the middle of Christmas is an experience that we recommend.

Of course, You must find a time to visit Pearl Harbor. Also to climb the most famous volcanic cone on the island, Diamond Head. Another interesting visit is the waterfalls of Manoa Falls, they are impressive.

And when you feel a little more urban, don’t forget to visit downtown Honolulu and taste any of the wonderful dishes offered by Hawaiian cuisine. Try the Kalbi Ribspork ribs with soy and sesame that are very representative of Hawaiian cuisine.

The next Christmas holidays change the Santa hat for some Hawaiian flower necklaces and the Christmas carols for a skirt of ribbons. You won’t want to leave there.

2. Christmas in Seychelles

Seychelles island

How about Christmas in this exclusive paradise? Located between Africa, India and Madagascar, this eden is a travel dream. An archipelago of 115 granite and coral islands. You can stay on the island of Mahe, although it is advisable to visit more islands and do so on the boat tours that are available.

Christmas in Seychelles is a special experience. You will enjoy wonderful white sand beaches, an ocean that is always light blue and rock formations that seem to be taken from a movie set.

Christmas celebrations on Mahe are very much about family and food. It is typical for each member of the family to organize a sumptuous and bountiful dinner during these dates, so every night there is cause for celebration.

The night lighting and its Christmas trees scattered everywhere are spectacular. They say that Mahe is a winter wonderland. Although this time Christmas dinners are prepared on large outdoor barbecues or on board a ship and carols are replaced by reggae.

Christmas dinner is usually made up of roasts and barbecue ribs, lots of wine and coconut rum. Afterwards, a big party that lasts all night. It is the perfect destination to change the Christmas jumper for a nice tan.

3. More islands to go for Christmas: Maldives

Resort in Maldives

We end our tour for an exotic Christmas with another classic: the Maldives. These islands of coral atolls and deserted beaches It is one of the most exclusive places in the world and a perfect destination for a different Christmas and in style. If you have something to celebrate, you might as well do it here.

The Maldives is made up of 26 atolls located in the southwest of Sri Lanka. It is the least populated country in Asia, made up of 1,200 islands, of which only 203 are inhabited.

Any of its islands is perfect for spending Christmas because here what you come looking for is tranquilitythe feeling of having a huge beach to yourself, with all the services around your own luxury cabin.

All you have to do here to celebrate the holidays is swim, stroll, eat, drink, rest and relax your mind. Something completely different from the busy Christmases of the rest of the world.

What do you think of these islands to go for Christmas? If you are looking for something different, any of them is perfect to enjoy unforgettable parties and also very warm. When you return you will be the envy of all your acquaintances.

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