30 landscapes that are hard to believe exist

Inspired by this post by Oddee, in 101 Incredible Trips we could not avoid, by default, the idea of select ten photographed places in which it is hard to believe that it is not an image from a Photoshop master, or from a 3D modeling, or from a scenery built for a fictional film, or directly that they exist. The truth is that we overstepped, and as a result we have 30 places and photossome with a bit of retouching, but in all, the landscapes are 100% authentic, even if it’s hard to believe.

Andrew Smith (Images via Flickr under Creative Commons license)

Water covers the cavity of a volcanic caldera formed after the mighty eruption some 6,850 years ago… It is known simply as Crater Lake.crater lake), and is located within the Crater Lake National Parkin the state of Oregon, USA. Although famous for the beauty of its surroundings and its deep blue and transparent water, the minimal chances of an eruption make it a true sleeping paradise.

greg willis

Due to the variety of places, tones and landscapes beyond any topic, the desert area of Namibia It is undoubtedly one of the most curious deserts in the world

3. The islands of Palau

Image LuxTonnerre

It is one of the places with the best beaches and coasts in the world, in Micronesia. Palau is an island nation (there are over 1000 islands) in the Peaceful 500 kilometers east of Philippines. Its recent independence makes it one of the youngest countries on the planet, with hundreds of islands and beaches protected by huge coral reefs, under an eternal subtropical climate. Palau is an unmissable destination in any list of incredible places.

stephen sopf

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in the county of shilinsouthwest of China, the rocks seem to sprout from the earth creating the illusion of a stone forest. the walk of the Shilin Stone Forest (link in English) is located in the province of Yunnanabout 85 kilometers from the city of kunming. The area of ​​the shilin stone forest It is immense, and it is zoned according to the density and size of the rocks, specially prepared to be traveled by tourists along paths that at times seem to get lost in a huge maze.


It is known as the “Valley of the Nine Towns” or simply as Jiuzhaigou Valley. The landscape includes hundreds of colors, waterfalls and lagoons in a range of incredible shades, as well as elevations and rocks of karstic origin. It is a protected site, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and not very accessible. It is located in the Province of Sichuansouth of China western.

daniel sancho

El Torcal de Antequera, in the province of Malaga, a landscape of unparalleled capricious shapes. one of the best examples of karst landscape within Europe.

Denise Chan

If we look at the landscape reflected in the 20 Yuan bills, we might think that it is an imagined place or an idyllic version of a fantasy landscape. It is once again an incredible place on our planet. The area of yangshuo reflects one of the areas still “not so invaded” by modernization Chinain the province of Guangxi, isolated precisely because of its orography and the deep-rooted customs of the population. We might think that it is even a “lost world”, a place that for thousands of years knew how to find a balance between human activity and nature, and that today resists in this way.

8. Laguna Colorada, Bolivia.

Carlos Galindo

Within the Potosino highlands, Red Lagoon It is a paradise in height, at least for the pink flamingos that inhabit it. With a coastline of 35 kilometers, the views from any angle seem unreal.

9. Island in the Salar de Uyuni. Bolivia.


The Uyuni salt flat It is the largest salt desert in the world, and is located at an altitude of 3,650 meters, southwest of bolivian. Especially in the rainy season, the mirror of water on a white blanket, generates postcards that seem impossible

Image Rodolfo Pace

They look like sculptures at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, a sea of ​​pumice that simulates petrified waves and shapes that are difficult to describe: for some, a lunar landscape, but for others, simply another landscape of the puna, near El Peñón, in the province of Catamarca, north of Argentina. The stone blocks follow one another like buildings until they are lost in the horizon.

Image Rene Ehrhardt

It is known as the andaman seabut in the area of ​​the archipelago of the Yoslas Similanin thailand, it could well be called simply as the emerald sea. A trip to ISimilan Islands transports us to one of the last paradises without intervention by man, as well as one of the best diving spots in thailand and the whole planet.

Image Felipe Cancino

On the shores of General Carrera Lake, in Chile, the erosion of thousands of years of water has modeled a rock formation that, in times of low water, can be explored inside. It is a series of islets and caverns accessible by small boats from the town of Puerto Río Tranquilo, which have curious shapes. So much, as to equate them to small chapels and even to a marble cathedral.


How is it that nature manages to combine colors and shapes in a way that is even difficult for us to imagine? The above is a question that may arise when looking at images of the coast of the la digue islandthe fourth largest island of the Seychelles island, an archipelago that we once visited on islands like Aldabra.

14. A stone forest in Madagascar

Maurits and Majol

On the west coast of Madagascara huge plateau of eroded limestone is called tsingy, a word that defines in the Malagasy language a unique landscape with its own ecosystem. The Tsingy Reserve since 1990 is part of the World Heritage.

Image Raúl Diaz

Although the appearance is similar to a snowy desert, it is actually a veritable sea of ​​eternally white sand, due to the erosion produced by the wind in the crystallized gypsum that abounds in the region. The dunes of the Arenas Blancas protected area in New Mexico, United States, are the largest gypsum sandfield in the world, and to say the least a very unique landscape.

Picture Ted Wemwemwem

What makes it different monkey lakein the state of California, USA, is its hypersalinity. The geological conditions, in a high altitude volcanic area, produce a strange landscape and an amazing ecosystem, with images that at times seem unreal. The most striking are the calcareous tuff towers that emerge from the water.

Picture Frank Kovalchek

Arizona holds many secrets, but perhaps among the most spectacular is the so-called “desert wave”, a rock formation masterfully modeled by the wind, so difficult to access that even those who travel to photograph it sometimes return frustrated at not being able to find it.

18. The great Prismatic Fountain, USA

Picture Jim Trodel

It is a lagoon with a diameter of 80 meters by 90. Its waters are 50 meters deep and the most incredible thing is that they vary between green (in winter), red, orange (in summer) and blue colors due to the pigmented bacteria that they grow around its margins and thanks to the rich minerals of its waters. It is also the largest source of hot springs in the United States and the third largest in the world.

Image The_tahoe_guy

The McWay waterfall is only accessible on foot from a path that leads to the beach, and perhaps easier to see by boat. The site is not very accessible and visited.

Hulivili Image

To everyone’s amazement, they are yet another work of Mother Nature. Come winter the grasslands that give these rounded peaks, which reach 120 meters in height, their velvety texture, dry up, enveloping the hills in a shade of brown that makes them even more attractive, making them look like perfect chocolate cones.

21. Bardenas Reales, Spain


To the southeast of Navarra, are the Bardenas Reales, a masterfully eroded landscape, with the particularity of being a clayey soil, combined with gypsum and sandstone. The shapes left by the wind and water are amazing

sung ming whang

huan long, is located in Songpan County, northwestern Sichuan, in China. As in the white waterfall of Pamukkale, in Turkey, in this beautiful mountain area and leafy slopes, the terraces of Huanglong calcite deposits, form an area of ​​panoramic and historical interest recognized as World Heritage Sites.

Alaskan Dude Image

The Peyto Lakein Canadaboasts of being too perfect, a staging of nature that makes us feel insignificant

Image Jetske

If we imagined an ideal desert for an adventure movie in places that seem fantastic, we would not need to model it in a 3D animation program. It would suffice to move to Algeria and the desert of Tassili n’Ajjer.

curt smith

Bamboo is an extremely versatile material, and in its natural state, a species of singular beauty. A small bamboo forest, very close to Kyotoin Japanoffers a charming walk through a path, providing images of subtle beauty in the Japanese style.


Wikimedia image

To the south of the city of Dunhuang, in the province of Gansu, in China, huge dunes emerge at the gates of the desert, surrounding a small crescent-shaped lake, supporting the survival of a curious complex at the dawn of the desert of Gobi. The lake, which has remained intact for centuries, seems like a true miracle.


The Tongariro National Park is the oldest of New Zealandand has in its most photographed area an area of ​​volcanoes, including Mount Ruapehuand the mount nguauruhoe that are part of the movie. It is located on the north island, about 320 kilometers south of auckland. Even ignoring the anecdotal data of the filming of The Lord of the rings, Tongariro It is an incredible place by far, a sacred landscape for the Maoris, especially in the area of ​​​​the aforementioned peaks.

greg knapp

For many, Krabi It is the most beautiful province in thailand. The combination of its karst (calcareous) mountains eroded for thousands of years by a turquoise sea and dreamy beaches are hard to beat.

Ethan Kan

They are the ruins of a petrified forestthe remains of fossilized wood that remind us that once upon a time, beneath what may now be a desert area, there was once a lush ecosystem.

30. Valley of the Monks, Mexico.

Carlos Galindo

Inside of Sierra Tarahumaraa mountain range of the Sierra Madre Occidental, is a landscape as particular as the Valley of the Monks, part of the canyon system of the Copper Canyon.

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