35 photos of places that look like fantasy, but are real

They look like screenshots of 3D modeling, scenes from some fictional saga in Middle Earth, or Narnia. A surreal painting, an abstract art painting… but it turns out that each of these places and photos belong to a real place:

1. A “mother tree” at the bottom of the sea, in Motobu-cho, Japan.

Tanaka Juuyoh

2. A swell of clouds, on Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Paul Fassin

3. An underground lake, Cuevas del Drach (Majorca, Spain)


4. A desert of swirling stone, Coyotte Buttes (United States)

Stefan Mendelson

5. A canyon with a turquoise river, Wadi Shab in Oman


6. A crater that looks like on Mars (Meteor Crater) in Arizona, United States.

Erik Charlton

7. An iceberg lake that looks like an abstract painting, in Iceland

Ralf Kayser

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8. A sunset among baobabs, on the avenue of the baobabs (Madagascar)

Frank Vassen

9. A river of colored algae in Caño Cristales, Colombia

William Vasquez

10. An ice cave on Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

11. A swamp that seems enchanted, Lake Caddo (United States)

Sookie Stackhouse

12. A miniature paradise, in the Seychelles

13. Mountains that look painted, in Landmannalaugar (Iceland)


14. Mountains covered in green, Ghats (in India)

Parag Purandare

15. A giant arch in Arches National Park, in the United States

Pete Burzynski

16. A green lagoon in Atacama, Chile


17. A crystal clear cave and lake, Crystal Cave in Bermuda

Craig Stanfill

18. An infinity pool in the Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Damian Dempsey

19. A landscape of “cloned” hills in the Bohol Islands, Philippines

Thorsten Martens

20. A white mirror, in the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Carlos Galindo

kevin jones

22. A valley of turquoise lakes, Jiuzhaigou Valley (China)


23. A desert that is flooded, Lencois Maranhenses (Brazil)

Danielle Pereira

24. A white lagoon, Milky Way in Palau


25. An “alien-style” island, Socotra, Yemen


26. A coast of sharp cliffs, in Na Pali (Hawaii)

Minette Layne

27. A sea of ​​seven colors, in San Andrés (Colombia)

Aquarium in San Andrés Islands, Photography (CC) Mario Carvajal (*Image with rights reserved, authorized by the author)

28. A valley of giant “mushrooms”, in Goblin Valley (United States)

Utah United States

David Heckmann

29. A volcanic fissure, or Laki Fissure in Iceland


30. A sand “bridge” in Cayo de Agua, Los Roques (Venezuela)

Paul Capiotti


32. A natural “cathedral”, Neon Canyon in the United States

John Fowler

33. A Laguna Colorada, in the highlands of Bolivia

Carlos Galindo

34. A beach with rocks that look like sculptures, in La Digue (Seychelles)


35. An «army» of penitents, in the Andes (Argentina, Chile)


Image Author ESO

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