4 charming towns that make you fall in love with the idea of ​​traveling to Portugal

These are 4 towns that sum up the beauty of Portugal with their charm. An old fishing village, the oldest registered town in the Kingdom of Portugal, or the town where Portugal is said to be born among others. They are all destinations that I could meet in my trip through Portugal in an itinerary for 15 dayss adding cities to the route. Each of these towns is just one example of so many beautiful towns in Portugal, a selection that will surely inspire us to travel the country, not only for its more classic destinations.

In blog I always promote the idea of ​​«populate«, that of knowing very well preserved villages in rural or more remote areas. These are the four chosen for this post:

Valencia do Minho

Also Known As Valencia do Minho, the name of the city means “the brave”. And precisely “do Minho” refers to the river that divides the border between Portugal and Spain and on which this fortified city has been located for more than a thousand years. It is located in the north of the country. The old part of this town is preserved in an excellent way, although clearly with buildings from different periods. Valença is known for its fabrics, for being part of the Portuguese Camino de Santiago, and for the star shape of its walls.​

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Costa Nova (Aveiro)

Costa Nova, currently a beach and summer resort, was an old fishing village near Aveiro(city famous for canals and art nouveau). new coast It is located right next to the beach and has a sector of the city that is very famous for its buildings painted in colors preserved in a pristine way. In addition to long sandy beaches bathed by the waves of the Atlantic, in Costa Nova there are picturesque walks next to these wooden houses, and a lot of tranquility.

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bridge of lima

This city is one of the ones I liked the most on my trip around the country. It is in the north of the country like Valença, and it is also part of the Camino de Santiago portuguese. One of the symbols of Ponte de Lima is its Roman bridge. bridge of lima is part of the district of Viana do Castelo. It is considered the oldest city in Portugal since it is the first to record being declared a city of the kingdom in ancient documentation. It preserves the traditional architecture around the Lima River with very beautiful walks and trails along the banks.

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Guimaraes sums up the essence of Portugal’s charm. Guimarães is one of the beautiful towns in Portugal that could well compete for the podium with the charm of its old town. It is classified as World Heritage and it is said that Portugal is born in this town (because of the historical events that happened there). It’s at northern portugaland relatively near Porto (one hour by car). Its old town, its palace, walls and castle bear the imprint of centuries of history.

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