4 things we do wrong when drinking beer

Not everything goes when it comes to beer, at least not in front of a brewer. We admit it: we are very picky when it comes to beer.

Here are some of the customs that most connoisseurs of our beloved liquid. Although deep down, what else does it matter? At the moment of truth, it is you who decides.

For tastes, the colors… but also the beer

1. Leave space for what really matters

What would beer be without its foam? Many deny it, but they are unaware of the important function it fulfills: to protect and maintain carbon dioxide within the liquid. Furthermore, without this creamy layer, we not only lose part of the aromas and the gasification of the beer: we lose a large part of its charm.

2. Don’t give it a nose, drink in a glass

Or in a glass When we serve beer in a glass container, we do it not only for aesthetics. In addition to being able to appreciate it much better by sight, when we pour the beer into the glass it begins to lose gas (carbon dioxide) and foam. This not only avoids a feeling of heaviness when we drink it, it also protects the liquid from oxidation and allows us to better appreciate the aromas it gives off and with it its qualities.

3. Beer through a tube, but not in a highball glass

Yes, it is true that the tube glass has a greater capacity than a beer (its content is equivalent to that of a 33 cl bottle). But not everything is a matter of quantity. Being a completely straight container, made of thick and flat glass, it makes liquids pour into the mouth abruptly and the aromas are lost more easily. Compared to the goblet, the highball glass allows the liquid to heat up more easily due to the way it is held.

4. Neither hot nor frozen

We like cold beer, but only when the style of the beers requires it, because there are some that are great at 12ºC. However, one of the most repeated crimes is serving the beer in an ice-cold glass. This custom not only spoils the quality of the beer by breaking down the foam, but also ends up watering the inside of the container. Would you put ice cubes in a beer? If these seem few reasons, here are some more.