5 activities to enjoy Lake Tahoe

Sailing or bathing in summer. Ski in winter. Or go hiking at any time. The list of activities that can be done in Lake Tahoe is very extensive.

Lake Tahoe is a natural environment in the United States where you can do many activities to spend the day. It is located between California and Nevada, making it the favorite destination of many North Americans who come there to spend their days off.

If you are traveling in the country and you are going to visit one of these two states, you can dedicate a day to enjoy this fabulous place. It will be a different day that will help you cope with the stress of big cities and spend a pleasant day.

The lake is huge It is 35 kilometers long and 19 kilometers wide.. Therefore, there is much to know and countless plans to do in this natural wonder. Learn about the 5 things you can’t miss in Lake Tahoe.

1. Sail on Lake Tahoe

The best way to enjoy the lake is sailing through its waters. The most common is to do it by kayak, a variety of canoeing in which up to four people can go in the same boat. Everyone has to row and coordinate and, although it is practiced in competitions, you can also go slowly to get to know the environment.

There are a couple of areas in Lake Tahoe where you can rent a kayak by the hour. They are different, so if you want to get to know the lake in depth, you can go to one every day. In Emerald Bay you will discover a natural landscape of film. It is a lake inlet on land that has a small island in its center.

The other part of the lake where kayaking is practiced is at Camp Richardson. This area is less colorful and you may even find more people in the water, because it is in a beach area.

2. Enjoy the beaches

Another reason to go to Lake Tahoe is its beaches. Thousands of people come to it every summer day with the picnic prepared to spend the day. It’s perfect for take a dip on a hot day and spend hours and hours relaxing on the sand.

There are many beaches on the lake. The most popular are Pope Beach and Laside Beach, although there are others that you may like to visit because they are less crowded. Among them, we can mention Commons Beack Park, Kiva Beach or Camp Richardson.

3. Practice adventure sports

The more adventurous can also enjoy Lake Tahoe. The most stimulating activity, and in which you will release all your adrenaline, is to climb Heavenly Mountain Resort. From there you can descend from the top of the mountain on a zip line.

The ascent is done by cable car and during that walk you can enjoy unparalleled views. In fact, you can access a viewpoint where you will discover the immensity of the lake.

Other sports with which you will release adrenaline are water skiing on the lake or those typical of the winter season. And it is that in the vicinity of the lake you can also go skiing or snowboard. In fact, many flock to Heavenly Mountain to make the most of the winter snow.

4. Admire Lake Tahoe from a balloon

If the viewpoint that we mentioned before is a good way to see the immensity of Lake Tahoe, it must be recognized that the best way is to fly over it. One of the most incredible activities that you can enjoy here is to get on a hot air balloon.

In addition to getting the best possible view of the lake, you’ll learn a lot about each area you’ll see. It is so because the guides that will accompany you on the trip will explain everything what they know and they will be able to solve your doubts.

5. Go hiking

The natural environment of Lake Tahoe is immense and goes beyond the lake itself. The mountains, plains or forests are an excellent setting for hiking. For it, you have several routes that keep many charms.

The best known is the Eagle Falls Trail. If you follow it, you can spend hours walking through spectacular natural settings. Don’t forget your camera and, most importantly, water and good shoes.

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