5 camping options in Catalonia next to the beach

Camping holidays are a different way of resting, enjoying and connecting with nature. If you think of options camping in Catalonia next to the beach, ideal both in summer and mid-season, there are perfect options for a vacation or getaway.

In the Costa Brava or in the Golden Coast, the two most famous tourist beach areas in Catalonia, you will find campsites with an excellent location just steps from towns and cities full of stories, even mountains in the Pyrenees. And always close to beautiful beaches and coves.

There is a network of camping Yelloh! villagewhich has been operating since the year 2000 and has a strong presence along the Mediterranean with 5 options of camping in Catalonia both in the Costa Brava like in the Golden Coast. They are valued campsites for their excellent benefits and ease of access to services and nature. But also because of the way in which each campsite integrates with nature: everything is thought out and designed to live an experience in harmony with nature.

Choosing a camping holiday in Catalonia from Yelloh! Village is the opportunity to live in a region capable of inspiring locals and visitors with its beauty, or of inspiring artists like Dalí or Picasso with its beauty, no less. It is possible to choose to stay in campsites next to the beach, steps away from cities with history such as tarragona (and its Roman past so present) in the Golden Coasteither Girona on the Costa Brava.

In these campsites you can choose between the different types of accommodation, the classic plots, cabins, wooden chalets with country or mountain airs, houses with all the comforts, and a step away from the beaches in the same campsite. Some campsites have water parks, pitches exactly located on the edge of the sea. And always all kinds of activities to enjoy as a family, various pools designed with aesthetic criteria as integrated into the nature of the place. Each campsite is located in a natural environment with all kinds of attractions nearby.

Camping options on the Costa Brava

In the Costa Brava you can choose between the campsites of Yelloh Village in Anger, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Santa Cristina d’Aroeither L’Scala. In any of them you will be close to cities like Girona, with its medieval quarter literally out of a movie, (or series like Game of Thrones), or also close to Figueres with its dali museum.

*Camping Mas Sant Josep / Yelloh Village

The Costa Brava It is a destination famous for its villages, its beaches and hidden coves, as well as lively coastal towns. The portion of the coast in the province of Gironaalmost on the border with Franceis one of the beach and nature destinations most beautiful in Spain. It is the place where the Pyrenees meets the sea, and the mountainous foothills seem to play with the Mediterranean, forming unique corners. Between the rocks, there are small coves with crystalline waters, but also coastal areas with huge expanses of sand and beaches between coniferous forests. And from the Costa Brava, you will always be close to the Pyrenees with its trails, and the mountains.

To the beaches and mountains we must add the stories, archaeological ruins like those of Saint Martin of Empuries. Or also beautiful medieval towns like pals, besalu. Many of the towns on the Costa Brava were former fishing villages such as cadaqueseither Calella de Parafrugelland they are very well preserved.

Camping on the Costa Dorada

In the Golden Coast the camping option Yelloh! village is in Creixell. You will be close to cities with a lot of history such as tarragona either sitges. The Costa Dorada is a consolidated destination as a summer destination for its beaches and coves, but also for the history of cities such as tortosamodernist architecture in Reusor the unusual beauty of the Ebro Delta.

Camping in Catalonia
* Camping Gavina / Yelloh Village

Golden Coast in the coastal part of Catalonia in the Tarragona province, a total of 80 kilometers along the Mediterranean. Long sandy beaches follow one another, but also small and hidden coves like little paradises. And there are also inland medieval towns such as Miraveton the sea like altafullavineyards in the area of Prioratand trails in protected natural areas such as the Montsant Natural Parkwaves Prades mountains.

The ideal climate for camping in Catalonia.

Both on the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada, camping is perfect to do not only in the summer but also in the middle season when you can also enjoy the beaches. The best months for the beach are from the beginning of May to the middle or end of October. In Catalonia, summers have very warm days and mild nights. While in mid-season, the day is pleasant, even for a dip, and the nights are cooler but more peaceful.

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