5 coastal towns that inspire a trip to Asturias

Low houses, roofs, some cobbled streets that mark paths that end or look at the sea. Small towns located on a rugged coast that contains beaches, inlets, estuaries. In each town, there are recommended views, viewpoints and panoramic views from every angle. It is the formula of each of the towns selected for this list that encourages you to set course for Asturias:

1. A viewpoint to the sea (Lastres)

Fishing village with barely 2,000 inhabitants, The three enters the list of the most beautiful villages in Asturias for its charming collection of rooftops perched on a hill that drops down to the sea. It is located in the council of Colunga, and also has beautiful beaches in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Asturian coast:

Ruben Iglesias

Raul A.

Oleg Sidorenko

Raul A.

Alexander Slocker

Raul A.

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Flavia Lawrence Sanchez

Alexander Slocker

2. In an estuary towards the Bay of Biscay (Ribadesella)

It was one of the main Asturian ports in the 19th century, a city also known for its climbing alternatives and speleology. But the geographical originality remains in the hands of the estuary at the mouth of the River Sella. Ribadesella is ideal for rest and tourism is one of its main activities.

Nacho Castejon Martinez

Gabriel Villena Fernandez




Raul A.

Raul A.

3. A secluded farmhouse (Cudillero)

An abrupt landscape, like an amphitheater dotted with colorful houses overlooking the sea, secluded beaches, tranquility for others and a lifestyle around the sea for centuries. Cudillero It is one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, a fishing town that in summer changes its profile to that of a tourist center between cliffs and coastal areas to enjoy:


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curious towns

Javier Losa

curious towns

Mario Sanchez Prada

curious towns

Jose Luis Martinez

curious towns

Guzman Lozano


Alexander Slocker

Javier Losa (In Cudillero, Asturias)

4. The essence of the Asturian village (Bowls)

Town in the council of Villaviciosa, with just over two hundred inhabitants, the coastal village has a beach with Jurassic traces, and the activity of one of the 18 ports of Asturias. Tazones are not only reached for its picturesque views, but also for its seafood and its neighborhoods that add up to a regional historical ensemble:

Ignatius Gomez Cuesta


Ignatius Gomez Cuesta

Dácil Pomegranates

5. The postcard of the Asturian fishing village (Luarca)

There is no doubt that it is one of the most beautiful towns in Asturia, and that it is also among the most beautiful in Spain. Luarca barely exceeds 5,000 inhabitants as a city of passage on the Camino de Santiago. A city that overflows with proposals, among them, numerous pebble beaches, sandbanks and corners between cliffs.

Diego Albero Roman

bez & Txema

Oleg Sidorenko


Tony Castillo Quero

Jose Luis Cernadas Iglesias

Javier Lastras

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