5 jewels of Budapest that you cannot miss

Are you ready to travel to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe? It is true that there are plenty of destinations to visit on the continent due to its beauty, but the Hungarian capital stands out. A beautiful city, full of history and art that is reflected in the places we are going to visit. Pay attention, we take you the great jewels of Budapest. Ready for adventure?

The jewels of Budapest

Packed bags, taken plane flights, crossed out calendar days… Now it’s time to head to Budapest! What is the best thing you can visit there in one day? well here We show you the 5 most important places in the city:

1. Budapest Parliament

Budapest Parliament

Big, beautiful and majestic. It is much more than one of the jewels of Budapest, it is one of its icons. Its construction began at the end of the 19th century, ending in 1902. It is the third largest parliament in the world, after those of Romania and Argentina.

Inside it has 691 rooms, which is said soon, and measures 260 meters long and 118 wide. That is why we say that it is one of the icons of Budapest: seeing it becomes something impressive from the outside… Although imagine inside! Look at its main dome, the staircase and its wonderful interior decoration.


You must bear in mind that getting a ticket to the Parliament is complicated. There is a fairly high influx of tourists. Our advice is to book early online and you will ensure entry.

2. Chain Bridge

chain bridge

The Chain Bridge is another of the icons of Budapest. Historical and popular, it crosses the Danube River for more than 150 years. However, was destroyed during World War II and the current one is the one that was reopened in 1949 after being rebuilt.

It was built by Count István Széchenyi to link the cities of Buda and Pest. We advise you to take a walk on the bridge and cross the Danube over it. You will have a complete view of the city, with the Buda castle at the top. If you like them, try going at night too. It is not wasted!

3. Buddha Castle

buddha castle

The Buda Castle was the royal residence of the Kings of Hungary. Declared a World Heritage Site in 1987, it was built in the 14th century at the top of the city. Its style is late baroque and inside it houses the Széchenyi Library, the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum.

As happened with another of the jewels of Budapest, the Chain Bridge, During World War II, it was severely damaged. during the siege of the city. That it is still standing today is a myth in Hungarian history.

4. Heroes Square

Heroes Square

If we continue talking about history, it is impossible not to go through Heroes’ Square on our visit to Budapest. It is a space that honors the leaders of the seven tribes that founded Hungary.

It is located in the center of the city and is surrounded by the Museum of Fine Arts and the Palace of Art. However, its most imposing part is the Millennium memorialthe statue that stands with the figures of the leaders of the tribes.

It is very easy to get to it, as it has its own metro stop on the main line of the city. And, like the Chain Bridge, Heroes’ Square is impressive at night. Lighting plays a great role in exalting the beauty of the place. So during your night walk, you already know. Don’t forget to stop by!

5. Szechenyi Spa

Széchenyi Baths – Thierry Kennes /

And last but not least, we show you one of the jewels of Budapest that you will enjoy the most. It is one of the most special spas in Europe and perhaps the world. A place with a lot of tourist influx so, again, we recommend you book in advance.

Once there, enjoy its facilities, its historical architecture and, above all, the various thermal facilities. The spa has 15 pools, 12 indoors and 3 outdoors.. In the case of the latter, being submerged in water at 37º C in winter while it is freezing is a unique experience.

The said. Get ready for a relaxing and refreshing experience. Budapest earned the title of the city of spas for a reason! next to this, you can also visit the Gellért spa and the Ruda spa. They are also not wasted!

This is the most important thing that is waiting for you in Budapest. Are you ready? Just one last piece of advice: don’t forget to pack your swimsuit even if you’re wearing a coat and scarves. You will not regret!

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