5 places of interest in Berlin, the German capital

The capital of Germany is one of the cities that should be visited at least once in a lifetime, either for its beauty or for having been the protagonist of some of the most outstanding historical events of the 20th century. Then, We propose five places of interest in Berlin, those who can not be unknowing. Can you come with us?

1. Brandenburg Gate, one of the places of interest in Berlin

What was one of the access gates to Berlin is, today, the symbol of the reunification of Germany and, therefore, one of the essential monuments of the city. It was built at the end of the 18th century in sandstone in a neoclassical style. It is made up of several Doric columns reminiscent of the Propylaea on the Acropolis in Athens.

On the other hand, the Brandenburg Gate is located on Pasier Platz, one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin. It is the result of the urban expansion plans of Frederick William I and houses other buildings of great value, such as the Baroque mansions (Palais am Pariser Platz, Palais Beauvryé, Palais Arnim…), converted into hotels or embassies.

2. Berlin Wall

Without a doubt, it is one of the most symbolic places in the German capital. It was built in 1961 to divide the communist zone from the capitalist and was not shot down until 1989.

Nevertheless, sections are still preserved, such as the East Side Gallery, which served as a canvas for hundreds of foreign artists. The most recognizable graffiti remains the kiss between Leonidas Brezhnev and Erich Honecker.

Other key places to study the history of the Berlin Wall are Potsdamer Platz, where 200 meters of it are still maintained, as well as a BT6-type watchtower; Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous of the border crossings; and the Brandenburg Gate, which, due to the wall, was totally isolated during the Cold War.

3. Museum Island

One of the must-see attractions in Berlin. It is an architectural complex made up of five museums that house numerous samples of history and art. The most important of them all is the New Museumwith several rooms dedicated to Egypt, the bust of Nefertiti being its greatest claim.

The other museums are the Old Museum, focused mostly on Ancient Greece; the Pergamon Museum, with reconstructed buildings such as the Ishtar Gate of Babylon; the Bode Museum, with an extensive collection of sculptures from the Byzantine period to the 18th century; and the National Antique Gallery, which exhibits 19th-century painting and sculpture.

4. The Reichstag, another of the places of interest in Berlin

Another of the places of interest in Berlin is the Reichstag, seat of the German Parliament. Its great attraction is the glass dome that crowns it, from where you can see a great view of the city. The building belongs to the architectural complex of the Band of the Federation, eight times larger than the White House in Washington.

On the other hand, the Reichstag, which resembles a classical temple, It was designed by Paul Wallot and completed in 1894. However, it has been a victim of events such as arson or the fighting of World War II. Hence, its current appearance is due to the reconstruction works that were carried out in the 1990s.

5. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

A little further from Berlin, but just as important, is the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. It was built in 1936 to subject prisoners to the power of the SS. It was in operation until 1945 and more than 200,000 people passed through it. Many of them perished from disease or were killed.

Today, visitors live a more than emotional experience when entering the different facilities. The most outstanding are Barracón 38, a museum that aims to illustrate the life of prisoners during their stay in the camp; the punishment cells and the barracks for the infirmary.

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