5 stops to get to know the city

The official capital of The Netherlands is a place full of history and culture that you have to know. Delve into the depths of Amsterdam with us and discover those essential places and corners that you must visit in this amazing city, will you join us?

amsterdaman unforgettable city

1. Anne Frank House

Anne Frank Statue – Diego Maia /

Anne Frank’s name is sadly famous. This girl of Jewish origin He died in one of the Nazi concentration camps. Some time later, her diary came to light in which she reflected all her feelings, anecdotes and perceptions of her about the terrible reality that both she and her family were going through.

In Amsterdam you can see the building where Ana and her family hid, trying to escape the Nazi horror. In 1960 the museum was founded where you can learn about his life in those dramatic moments. You can still see, as if frozen in time, the attic and the attic where the little girl hid with her family and seven other people.

2. Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Royal Palace – Prasit Rodphan

This impressive palace it is one of the most beautiful and imposing buildings in the Netherlands. It is also one of the four official palaces of the monarch, although only official acts are held there.

Work on this magnificent construction began in 1648, in the midst of the Dutch Golden Age, and was completed just seven years later. Y it was not conceived as a palace, but as a Town Hall. In fact, it worked like this for almost two centuries, until in 1808 Louis Napoleon Bonaparte transformed it into a royal palace.

3. Rembrandt House Museum

Rembrandt House Museum – InnaFelker /

This beautiful city is characterized by its magnificent museums. You probably won’t have time to visit them all. Van Gogh’s and the Rijksmuseum are the two most prominent. But we must also mention the Rembrandt House Museum.

Rembrandt, one of the most important painters of all time, is considered one of the Baroque masters of painting and engraving. The museum is located in what was his house. Place where he lived between the years 1639 and 1658.

In 1907 the house was converted into a museum. At least 260 of the 290 engravings made by Rembrandt are exhibited there. You can also see a reconstruction of the workshop where he created a good part of his work, which gives a much more realistic view of the daily life of this famous painter.

4. Vondel Park

The Vondelpark is one of the most attractive green spaces in Amsterdam. This park, which was inaugurated in 1865 and has more than 47 hectares, is the ideal place to relax and disconnect from the busy city.

Within it there are several catering facilities, as well as a playground and an open-air theater. Receives more than 10 million visitors each year.

5. Dam Square

Dam Square – Steve Photography

Dam Square is one of the busiest spaces in the city. Their history dates back to the year 1270 and has approximate dimensions of 200 by 100 meters. At the west end is the beautiful Royal Palace and next to it the Gothic church Nieuwe Kerk, dating from the 15th century.

Here is also the famous Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museumand you can see the National Monument, built in honor of the victims of World War II.


“Certainly, traveling is more than seeing things; it is a change that continues, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

– Mary Ritter Beard –

Amsterdam is a fascinating city. There are many interesting places hidden in it. We have only discovered a few that will allow you to discover a city with history, charm and enormous animation far beyond its well-known channels.

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