5 successful villages in Serra da Lousã to visit at least once in a lifetime

In recent years, Serra da Lousã has become increasingly prominent as a tourist destination. And the truth is that there is no lack of reasons to isso, to start his most beautiful villages of success. Only 12, not total, but there are other smaller and less visited towns. They are the ones that give this region a new impulse and attract more and more visitors.

Integrated into the official network of villages of existence, these localities are about to be recovered and, today, they have several rural tourism accommodations available for visitors. But there are also restaurants, small museums, river beaches, passageways and quase secret waterfalls. All is this face of Serra da Lousã, a destination of excellent nature.

A trip to this region is well worth it and discovering its little charms makes the walk even more memorable. Whether by car or by walking along any of the several official footpaths, this is a destination that always surprises. Discover some of the most typical successful villages to visit in Serra da Lousã.



On a hill facing south, in Serra da Lousã, find the village of xisto do canal, considered as one of the most developed and most visited mountain villages, here you can find visitors from all over the country. It is a place where you can make an authentic trip in time to one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal.

The small village, refreshed by the Ribeira do Candal, shows visitors the tradition of the houses in the sky, the fountain, the public washing machine and the chapel, testimonials of the mountain and rural reality. The best way to get to know is to walk your hair with your beaks and wheels. Be attentive to every detail, to every detail and go on talking with who lives here.

2. Casal de Sao Simao

House of São Simão
House of São Simão

A village with just one street. A fountain that enchants as the bubbler of its waters. A path that leads us to Fragas de São Simão, where we can take a mergulho. Assimilated the small, most charming, successful village of House of São Simãoin Figueiró dos Vinhos.

There is no reason to deceive: we are in Serra da Lousã, the place in the country where some of the most beautiful, charming and famous villages of Portugal are concentrated. The Casal de São Simão, despite being one of the smallest, loses nothing in its beauty and charm when compared to the others.

3. Talasnal


This is, sem duvida, the Aldeia de xisto da Serra da Lousã that most contributed to give visibility to this territory, its people, costumes and traditions. EITHER Talasnal It is an authentic illustrated postcard, a link to the communion between human constructions and the surrounding nature.

With the recovery of most of the houses, the village returned to gain life, whether as a weekend destination for the owners or as a destination for rural tourism. Slowly, the streets will begin to gain a new color and this village is home to two great symbols of the entire region and of the project of “Aldeias do Xisto”.

4. Gondramaz


gondramaz It is a small village of existence, nestled in the middle of a slope of the Serra da Lousã. Located in the municipality of Miranda do Corvo, 9 km away, and has just seven permanent inhabitants, Embora has been renovated with care and with good access. Visiting Gondramaz is like doing a timeless trip.

The boas-vindas à aldeia are given to us by a poem by Miguel Torga, which can be found in the reception area of ​​the village, inscribed on a metal plate. The village is distinguished by the unique hue of success, present at the well-worked chão, a brand of crafts you have that is a saw brand and that bears the longest name of Gondramaz.

5. Sardinia


This is one of those abandoned villages that could be reinvented, today being a center dedicated to the arts, but some houses have been recovered for rural tourism. Logo à entrance da aldeia, we are presented with a small bridge, which gives access to povoação.

Its roads, made of ardósia, meander around the houses, which are built on the shoreline, thus leaving the land free for agriculture. Here you will be able to find a lot of calm and tranquility, being Sardinia A good starting point to explore the remaining villages.