56 signs that you have a traveling spirit

I was reading this list of 31 signs that you are a traveler. And first I was scared that some (many of them) matched things I do (like getting X-rayed). So I list only the coincidences that I had, I eliminate the ones that seem very “Americanized”, but I double the bet inspired by that entry, to bring the number of signals to 56, always with my traveling style (if there is one), and of course, with the idea of ​​taking them with a bit of humor.

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I also took the trouble to order and classify them before, during, and after the trip:

Before the trip:

1. You feel bad if you have money in an account and you don’t spend it soon on a trip.

2. Airports are your favorite place (not the check-in part) and they give you the same ecstasy as a teenager going to see Justin Bieber.

3. You have a map hanging in your house (or you go to Google Maps very often).

4. You meet someone you don’t know who tells you that he loves to travel, and inside you think “he really knows about life”.

5. You hate any office.

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6. You read fifteen atlases and the Lonely Planet guide, you think you’re Indiana Jones and nobody stops you.

7. You love your passport above almost everything (not everything, let’s not exaggerate either)

8. You only read a fiction or history book if it dedicates a few pages to telling about a trip.

9. You buy clothes only if they are light.

10. You use the hashtag #travel too much on social networks.

11. You torment your friends on Facebook with the countdown to your trip.

During the trip:

12. You pass airport controls with the same ease with which you would pass a supermarket checkout.

13. You know and downloaded 25 travel apps on your smartphone, even if you never use them.

14. You uploaded a photo of your plane ticket to Instagram, or you photographed your feet in some famous landscape.

15. You took a good photo jumping in a salt flat, in front of a monument, or in a famous landscape, after taking 26 shots and in which you only rescued one (in which your smiling face coincides with an apparent agility).

16. You love the stamps in your passport.

17. You keep coins from every country you go to.

18. You buy items that make you feel Indiana Jones (hats, knives, flashlights).

19. You become an expert at zipping clothes, rolling t-shirts, and compacting underwear in your backpack or suitcase.

20. When you disassemble a backpack you can take out so many objects to fill an apartment (and after emptying it you don’t understand how you made it all fit).

21. You use the #travel hashtag too much on social media. (again)

22. You want to inspire all your friends to travel, and you torment them with photos on social networks that you dose them.

23. You carry some ridiculous object in your backpack that you are embarrassed to take out.

24. You imagine yourself with 80 years of backpacking.

25. You love hearing ten thousand different languages ​​around you, even if you don’t understand a thing.

26. You hate all cables and chargers.

27. You never quite know how many hours to add or subtract from your watch, and because you were confused about the time you almost missed a flight.

28. After a month of traveling, you set up a clock on your phone with a bunch of time zones (which you’re never going to look at, either).

29. You love to try new foods everywhere…(at times you miss eating a hamburger even if it looks like a shoe sole).

30. You learn to ask with mime, where is the bathroom? without losing the glamour.

31. You forget to call family or friends for days on end, or you call them five times in a down hour.

32. After a while traveling, you are bored of explaining 85 times a day in the hostel that “you come from such a place and you go to such another”.

33. In a conversation at the hostel, you advise them to follow “such advice” so that they don’t do the stupid things you did, and if you don’t like them, you don’t tell them anything (noooo, just kidding :D)

34. At the end of the trip you add more to your notebook or travel diary than to your passport (or almost)

after traveling

35. The first days you love your pillow. Soon at home you miss the discomfort of a hostel and sleeping with earplugs.

36. You discovered that your mission in life is to accumulate miles in frequent airline programs.

37. You force your acquaintances to see the photos of the trip, and before starting to show them you say “when they get bored they let me know (and I’ll kill them)”

38. Instead of counting sheep to sleep, you count how many countries you have traveled.

39. You are always thinking of a new destination.

40. And when you chose a possible destination, you change it for another, and after a while for another, and for another, and for another…

41. You continue with the mind programmed to “save on food and accommodation”, and you avoid public transport for a while to walk more and spend less.

42. You only save (besides to travel) to buy a camera, or a new and light computer.

43. You have hundreds of new friends on Facebook that you don’t even remember what language they speak.

44. You feel that the magnet you bought is stupid, but you put it in the fridge.

45. You keep hating all cables and chargers, more and more.

46. ​​For each conversation you bring up an anecdote “when I was in…” or you open the topic “in such and such a country, such and such a thing is in such a way…”

47. Your friends begin to feel unbearable your stories “of the day that such a thing (or such another)”…

48. You use the hashtag #travel too much on social networks (again second part)

49. You hate any office (more than before)

50. You always tell great anecdotes and omit the diarrhea, breakdowns, moments of anguish, and ridicule that you did in an unknown place.

51. Your travel blog is updated less and less.

52. The empty backpack syndrome attacks you.

53. You talk to your backpack as if it were a friend.

54. You get a slump and you look at the photos of the trip for hours… and you feel like you’re traveling again.

55. You realized that the world is huge, and so you want to rush to travel more and more.

56. You feel like you’re broke, but you’re happy.

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