6 Aldeias do Alentejo to visit at least once in a lifetime

The villages of Alentejo, white falls and flowers on the doors and on the windows, have a special charm, difficult to explain in words. In order to feel her charisma, she will have to visit, walk with her hair and wheels, listen to her sons and talk with who lives. At the end of the trip, he will return home with the feeling of being discovered by a Portugal that he had no idea existed.

They are unique villages, captivating by their simplicity and by their cores. Many suffer from the deprivation of the interior and their population is coming to decrease sharply. But since some of the oldest and most typical traditions of Alentejo are still maintained, it is important to preserve them and do everything so that their inhabitants can still continue to live in them.

One of the various ways of doing it is visiting-as you know-them with time and with love. A trip is worth it and the Alentejo is always capable of surprising us. Get to know some of its most typical villages.

1. Ouguela


Located in Campo Maior, Ouguela is a typical and beautiful Alentejo village, perhaps one of the most secret of the region. On top of a mountain with 270 meters of altitude, the castle of Ouguela looks proud for the landscape around it and faces us to remember its main function in the past: the defense of the raid.

The village was losing importance (and population) as it ceased to be crucial for the defense of the country. Hoje is just a relic of the past, relatively well preserved and with all the typical traits of Alentejo. The houses are divided between the interior and exterior of the muralhas and a walkway along its streets is the best way to get to know this peaceful and beautiful Alentejo village.

2. You sprout


Located in the municipality of Mora, sprouts It is one of the most beautiful and unknown villages of Alentejo. However, due to the fact that it was crossed by the National Highway 2 (at kilometer 488), some tourists began to trace this village for the first time, thanks to the ascent of N2 as a tourist route.

The village seems peaceful and sleepy, but perhaps it is the same or that gives it more charm. A walk through its streets, with calm and attention, allows you to discover all the little details of this typically Alentejo place. The Santuário da Nossa Senhora das Brotas is its main tourist spot, but it should not fail to appreciate its fountains, its long slopes and the fallen blue and white houses.

3. Monsaraz

Monsaraz (Ana Marta Fialho)

To medieval village of Monsaraz Keep its characteristics for two centuries, and visit it is, therefore, an authentic trip in time. Além disso, the combination of historical architecture with the peace and tranquility of Alentejo makes this the perfect location for a getaway.

With the conclusion of the barragem do Alqueva, its beauty increased even more, once you can contemplate this giant lake from the walls of the village.

4. Evoramonte


A picturesque parish of Évora Monte (ou evoramonte) is located between Évora and Estremoz. In our times, it has a high military relevance, due to its geographical position, and this aspect is still very present in our days, with the walls to protect its inhabitants and to wait for the visitors there to visit the stories that there are to discover.

The village is small and charming, and its size is perfect for it to have a good turn around the streets, to absorb the entire town and find the most diverse details, from a different ornament, a door or a window of Typically Alentejo pattern or just a hot cat that rests in the shade. All very typical of Alentejo, yes, but with a touch that is still more special here, in Evoramonte.

5. Messejana


The origins of Messejana are lost in time and no one knows for sure who was founded. It is known, however, that this Alentejo village never existed in the time of two mouros. It was conquered in 1235 and annexed to the council of Alustrel, even though it itself had been, in time, the seat of the council.

It is a typical Alentejo village, with narrow streets and blue and white houses. Até Messejana’s own church stands out in the landscape because of these colors. Mystic and unique, captivate that she passed her hair and wheels and here she ends up finding the whole soul of a typical population of the interior of Alentejo.

6. See you

see you
see you

This is one of the most secret and beautiful villages of Alentejo. Located in the municipality of Estremoz, in the vast Alentejo plain, the little Veiros captivates by its white house and by its arrogant castle. Everything in this town makes us remember the Alentejo. And everything in it tells us that, in times, it has had a crucial role in the defense of the national territory.

Veiros was given à Ordem de Avis, height in which the castle was built. With the appeasement of relations with Spain and the expulsion of the two Moors, the village was losing importance and population. For the castle, its churches and its pelourinho deserve to be highlighted. But the best way to discover Veiros is to walk along its streets and talk like its inhabitants.