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6 almost unknown castles to discover in Alentejo

Portugal is one of two countries in Europe with more castles, counting with quase 500 specimens, some better preserved than others. In times, these fortifications played a crucial role and served as a defense bulwark against attacks by Moors and Spaniards.

The Alentejo area is not an exception and, over two centuries, there have been a few castles and fortifications built throughout the region, even because the border between Portugal and Spain has to be defended.

Despite this, there are some poorly known castles in the Alentejo area, vestiges of turbulent history that for centuries paired in these places. If you are curious to leave to discover it, let us leave some unmissable suggestions.

1. Castle of Valongo

Castle of Valongo

It is located on top of a typical Alentejo hill, surrounded by large vineyards and near a water dam that gives it an even more magical atmosphere. But unfortunately, or castle of Valongo It belongs to private and is currently abandoned.

This is one of two rare Portuguese castles with a typically medieval layout that has remained unchanged over time. It will have undergone works in the XV and XVI centuries, when a menagement tower was built with Manueline traces.

2. Castle of Ouguela


You find yourself on top of a mountain 270 meters high, and you look proud to the landscape around you, embracing us from your ancient function of defense of the ray. Romans and Visigoths passed through this place, but the Moors were there to raise the first murals, which later gave rise to the castle.

At times, there were two of the most important castles of the Alentejo area, but they ended up losing much of their importance as two times of peace between Portugal and Spain ended.

3. Castle of Veiros

Castle of Veiros
Castle of Veiros

This castle was built in existence, I have details in granite and marble, something very little common, since most two castles in our country were built in granite.

Its date of construction is not known, we hardly know that the menagem tower was ordered to be built during the reign of D. Dinis, and that it was part of a strategic set of castles that defended the raia.

4. Castle of Noudar

Castle of Noudar
Castle of Noudar

This castle is located in a local chosen for its natural defense, for its easy access and for the possibility of taking advantage of the waters of the Figueira fountain, which is 250 meters from the building.

The castle was built in 1307, during the reign of D. Dinis, and played an important role in the defense of the border with the Castle in the early fourteenth century. Now, there is a vast project called “Noudar Nature Park“, where it is possible to explore the surrounding flora and fauna.

5. Amieira Castle

Castle of Amieira
Castle of Amieira

As soon as I was involved in a military episode in 1440, when D. Leonor de Aragão disengaged as his brother-in-law and regent D. Pedro. D. Leonor invoked the help of the forces of Castela, who came to Amieira to protect her. Not final, or castelo ended by surrendering to the orders of D. Pedro and D. Leonor fugiu for Castela.

Recently, some passages were built that are part of a larger trail aimed at better exploring this entire region, including the village of Amieira do Tejo eo seu castelo.

6. Terena Castle

alentejo terena

At the time, this castle was part of the Guadiana defense line and, therefore, as far as peace was concerned, life in Terena fervilhava. However, with the peace between Portugal and Spain, life has radically altered in this Alentejo town and the castle, built in the 13th century, left the importance of its color.

few years, Terena I began to define and the castle was abandoned. In recent years, tourism brings a new life to this town, which is one of the two greatest secrets of Alentejo.

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