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6 beaches in Portugal where fishing is allowed

It is more and more common for us to take our estimates from fairs with us, since there are more and more accommodations with this option. And for all two accommodations, there will also be beaches where beds are allowed without any type of restriction other than basic hygiene rules. Além disso, may also have to use açaime, not in the case of races considered dangerous.

It is important to clarify that it is necessary to make a distinction between concession and non-concession beaches. The first ones are that they have support structures, such as bars and toilets, and are guarded during the spa season. Within this category, there are 6 beaches in Portugal where it is allowed to take cães. How much is left, as not granted, it is possible to take or your pet for any one of them.

It is fã de praia e quer quer partilhar this moment as seu cão, deixamos-lhe six Portuguese praias where it is allowed to enter and permanência de caes. This is the official list of concession beaches where estimates are allowed.

1. Praia do Portinho da Areia Norte (Peniche)

Praia do Portinho da Areia Norte

This one went to the first beach dog-friendly de Portugal, inaugurated in August 2016. Located in Peniche, or area with about 80 meters of extension, on the edge that leads to Cabo Carvoeiro. Here, you will be able to find bag dispensers to leave you two bags and some signs related to the area’s rules. Located near Lisbon, a beach is also the perfect place to admire the view of the Reserva Natural das Berlengas.

2. Coral Beach (Viana do Castelo)

Coral Beach
Coral Beach

This was the second beach allowed for animals in the country, inaugurated in June 2017. It is located in the interior of Porto de Viana do Castelo It was the result of a partnership between the Municipal Chamber, the port authority and a local association for the defense of animals (a Vila Animal). The area has a considerable extension and the waters are calm, being located between two pontoons and being protected by the Lima river bar.

3. Soft Sea Beach (Esposende)

Soft Sea Beach
Soft Sea Beach

As of July 2018, it will be allowed to trace fields for Praia Suave Mar, in Esposende. At the initiative of the Esposende Municipal Strategic Plan for the Bem-Estar Animal, it is intended to have an ambulance dedicated exclusively to the rescue of dogs and cats insured by the Bombeiros Voluntários de Fão. The beach is equipped with drinking water fountains, a cleaning circuit and deposits for collecting waste.

4. Praia da Ramalha Sul (Esposende)

Praia da Ramalha Sul
Praia da Ramalha Sul

Still in Esposende, the praia da Ramalha Sul is also open to esteem animals since June 2018. And as long as you pass by the sand and give some mergulhos in the water, you can enjoy the various activities that this beach makes possible: windsurfing, surfing and sport fishing são algumas delas. The beach has good access and is quite large, with a lot for 1,200 people.

5. Praia dos Pescadores (Oeiras)

Praia dos Pescadores (Oeiras)
Praia dos Pescadores (Oeiras)

Also known as Praia Velha, it is allowed entry and permanence of estimated animals in this place since June 2020. Despite not being an extensive beach, or area, it is quite wide, being located next to the Nautical Center of Paço de Arcos. There are some rules to follow and hygiene conditions, being that either you should wear a collar or a peitoral, as well as açaime or trela.

6. Praia das Amoreiras (Torres Vedras)

Praia das Amoreiras
Praia das Amoreiras

The most recent beach to allow estimation animals is Praia das Amoreiras, being the only beach dog-friendly in Torres Vedras. Located next to the Miradouro de Santa Helena, the beach is beautiful and has an extensive area, with access on terra batida. A praia tem bebedouros and dispensers of sacks for leftovers.

Beaches not concessionadas near Lisbon where you can take or seu cão

  • Praia do Vale dos Frades (Lourinhã)
  • Praia das Conchas (Torres Vedras)
  • Praia da Ursa (Sintra)
  • Praia da Arriba (Cascais)
  • Beach of Caxias (Oeiras)
  • Praia dos Olhos de Agua (Sesimbra)
  • Praia da Comenda (Setubal)

Beaches that are not concessioned in the Algarve where you can take or use your boat

  • Praia da Quebrada (Aljezur)
  • Praia da Murração (Vila do Bispo)
  • Praia do Canavial (Lakes)
  • Praia do Valentim de Carvalho (Portimao)
  • Praia Grande (Lagoa)
  • Praia da Baleeira (Albufeira)
  • Praia do Trafal (Loule)
  • Praia da Barrinha (Lighthouse)
  • Praia da Barra da Fuseta (Olhao)
  • Praia do Forte da Barra (Tavira)
  • Praia de Adão e Eva (Vila Real de Santo António)

Beaches not concessioned in the North where you can take or seu cão

  • Praia do Camarido (Caminha)
  • Praia de Fornelos and Promontório de Montedor (Viana do Castelo)
  • Praia do Lumiar (Viana do Castelo)
  • Praia do Canto Marinho (Viana do Castelo)
  • Antas Beach (Esposende)
  • Praia do Rio Alto (Povoa de Varzim)
  • Praia dos Barcos (Vila do Conde)
  • Salinas Beach (Matosinhos)
  • Praia do Castelo do Queijo (Porto)
  • Praia do Cabedelo do Douro (Vila Nova de Gaia)
  • Praia do Bairro Piscatório (Espinho)
  • Furadouro Beach (Ovar)
  • Praia da Gaivina (Murtosa)

Beaches not concessioned in Alentejo where you can take or use it

  • Praia de Troia (Grandola)
  • Praia da Foz (Sines)
  • Praia do Cavalo (Odemira)

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