6 beautiful villages to discover near Serra da Estrela

Around Serra da Estrela there are villages capable of making us travel quickly. They are guardians of the memories and of the secular traditions of our two ancestors and, in many of them, it is still possible to discover what life was like in two years ago. After all, it is here, in these villages, which still maintain many of the oldest traditions of Portugal.

And there is a huge variety of villages a short distance from Serra da Estrela: they can be mountain villages (which can be located within their own natural park or in the Serra da Gardunha), historic villages and historical villages. All of them are in a good state of conservation and each one has its own special charm.

It is obvious that there are small typical villages within the Serra da Estrela Natural Park (and many of them are most beautiful). But if you are visiting this region, you can also visit the most beautiful villages around it. And these are some of them. Good trip!

1. Sortelha

Sortelha (Paulo Garcia Martins)

It is considered one of the most beautiful historical villages in Portugal, and one of the best preserved, which makes it so that the visitor has the feeling that he is traveling out of time. sortelha keep intact the medieval traces of their houses, made of granite, and is crowned by a castle that is found on a rocky outcrop, at 760 meters of altitude.

The village maintains its charm and attracts more and more visitors, who seek for tranquility, a place rich in culture, history and breathtaking landscapes. Walking through its streets and noticing every little detail is the best way to get to know this historic village and all or its vast heritage.

2. Alpedrinha


It is located on the south coast of Serra da Gardunha, at an altitude of about 500 meters, and belongs to the Fundão council. Alpedrinha today has little more than a thousand inhabitants, but there are more than 7 thousand, in our golden times. It is known by “Sintra das Beiras” and it is one of the unmissable local daqueles in the Center of Portugal.

What visit Alpedrinha Hoje, I may have a small idea of ​​its importance in the past, because this was the seat of council at the XIX century, or that helps to explain the large number of manor houses and manor houses that abound here, testimonial in stone of powerful families that we will pass through here

3. New Castle

new castle
New Castle (Nuno Madaleno)

To medieval village of new castleWith narrow and labyrinthine streets, it is beautiful and transports visitors to other times. O seu castelo tem more than 800 years, even existing stories that admit that the city of the village is very old.

Abençoada pela Serra da Gardunha, which lends a soul to a village, no longer has identity and interests, in full raia beirã, Castelo Novo is itself a treat to enjoy. It grew around its walls, which define a magnificent structure.

4. Sobral de Sao Miguel

Sobral of Sao Miguel
Sobral of Sao Miguel

to village of Sobral of Sao Miguel, also called “coração do xisto”, is located in the Serra do Açor, in the municipality of Covilhã, and is one of the two largest clusters of houses built using this material in Portugal. The villages of success of the Serra do Açor are unique and unrepeatable, each one different from the other, but all of them very charming.

This is one of the “white villages” of the Aldeias do Xisto, since, despite the construction using this material, the facades are plastered and painted white, thus creating a unique contrast with the enveloping landscape. It is one more different experience, which is the same, it manages to dazzle the tourists who visit the village of Sobral de São Miguel.

5. Mendo Castle

Castle Mendo
Castle Mendo

These are some of the most unknown historical villages in Portugal. But it is also one of the most picturesque and rich in heritage. We speak of the most beautiful Castle Mendo, not Almeida council. It is a typically medieval village, right on the border with Spain, and testimonial in the fight for the defense of the national territory.

From time to time there remains today an immense heritage. Or its castle is the main highlight, but there is much more to see. Apart from the various churches and the water fountains, it is worth walking through the streets of the village and appreciating its various Manueline and Filipino houses. Appreciate each detail with attention and feel the story unfolding before your eyes.

6. Aldeia das Dez

Dez Village
Dez Village

It is known as “aldeia miradouro”, and it is not by chance. na Dez Village, in the municipality of Oliveira do Hospital, quase all the points are assembled at a viewpoint, providing an incomparable view over the surrounding mountains. This is because it is located at an altitude of about 460 meters, on the north coast of Monte do Colcurinho, outlined by the Alvoco river.

Let yourself be surprised by this small village in the interior of the country, where each corner is worthy of being deeply appreciated. Don’t be in a hurry, because here the time runs faster and the past is present in various historical elements that have lasted two centuries.