6 museums in Europe with virtual tours

Are you one of those who likes to go to museums? Unfortunately, you will not be able to do so while the period of confinement to which we are all subjected lasts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible. Aren’t you going to be able to do it? Or if? If you can. From your home and without paying admission you can enjoy virtual tours of the great museums of Europe.

Museums in Europe that offer virtual tours

We do not want to deceive you. These virtual walks through the rooms of the museums will not be able to provide you with the same sensations that being in front of the Las Meninas of Velazquez or the venus de milo at the Louvre. However, they have other advantages: They are tours that are done from the comfort of home.

In addition, they are very illustrative and immediately offer a lot of information about what we are seeing. So it can really be very enriching, as well as very entertaining. And of course, when later we can travel and visit these museums in the first person, we will have many more elements of judgment to fully enjoy them.

1. Prado Museum

Adapt or die. An institution like the Prado Museum in Madrid, with 200 years of history and some of the best painting masterpieces of all time, these days he is only available thanks to his Instagram profile. It is a magnificent forum to watch the videos that are launched every day from the museum from 9:50 to 10 in the morning.

2. Louvre in Paris

It is a huge museum and the most visited on the entire planet. It is impossible to contemplate everything at once, no matter how much we want to get the most out of the price of your ticket. So Let’s take advantage of his virtual visit to see his entire collection in several sessions. In addition, we can go directly to the sections we want to visit, something that is physically difficult.

3. The Hermitage in St. Petersburg

Another of the ‘monstrous’ museums in the sense of gigantic, huge and with thousands of works of art inside, is this one in Russia. In fact, his complete collection is about three million objects spread throughout the halls of the grandiose Hermitage Palace in St. Petersburg, the former capital of the Tsars. As well, the best of the best is available in its version on-line.

4. Uffizi Gallery in Florence

You always have to look at the positive. Do you know a great advantage of making a virtual visit to the Uffizi Gallery without stepping foot in the beautiful capital of Tuscany? First, that in this way it is not possible to contract the coronavirus in this area of ​​Italy. And second, that we will not suffer the dizziness, sweats and discomfort caused by Stendhal syndrome eitherusual for some travellers.

5. Vatican Museums

We are still in Italy, of course, virtually. Although to be more exact, we have to say that we are in the tiny and independent state of the Vatican, where these magnificent museums are. In the case of the Catholic Church, so attached to traditions, discovering its digital proposal at this web address to see jewels such as the Sistine Chapel is a real surprise for Internet users.

6. The Acropolis

And we want to end this virtual tour of the best museums in Europe with a tour of a place that It is not a museum per se, but it is one of the greatest emblems of Western culture.. We refer to the Acropolis of Athens, a monumental and archaeological complex that attracts a large number of tourists any day of the year.

That is why the Greek authorities did not hesitate to close it to the public due to the intrinsic danger of contagion that existed in this historical space. Fortunately for everyone, without being there we can take a walk through the Athens of Pericles, of Phidias, of Plato with a single click.

This has been a small selection of museums in Europe that offer virtual tours. There are many others, from the Archaeological Museum in Madrid to the British Museum in London. As you see, you can enjoy, and a lot, without having to move from your house.

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