6 of the most secret lakes and waterfalls of Gerês

The Peneda-Gerês National Park houses four mountain ranges: Amarela, Soajo, Peneda and Gerês. Together, they form the largest natural sanctuary in Portugal, with breath-taking landscapes, which include its many lakes and waterfalls. Some of these locations are not recommended, both because they will be difficult to access and because they will be in a more sensitive point at an environmental level.

This is why the waterfalls that we show you are not properly secret, being, however, little known and being possible to visit the local, even because the most secret waterfalls will have to continue to be kept only, for the best preservation of nature in this park.

Likewise, these waterfalls that we left behind are absolutely marvelous. Choose your favorite and face the road. The Peneda Gerês National Park and its charms are waiting for you, but do not try to leave it as clean as you found it.

1. Pocas do Malho

Malho Dates

It deals with four little farms, with four respective water falls, on the Castro Laboreiro river. Located more or less between Mistura das Águas and Ribeiro de Baixo.

Ace Pocas do Malho They serve as the border between Portugal and Spain, and the best way to get to this place is on the Spanish side. Follow the road that starts when the road that links Olelas to Mistura das Águas ends. In this way, you will come to this place with ease.

2. Lagoa dos Druidas

Lagoa dos Druidas
Lagoa dos Druidas

It is well located near the village of Tibo, in the parish of Gavieiras, the best way to get there is following the trail of the Mistura das Águas, one of the two most beautiful of all the park.

This lake is a small corner not in the middle of paradise, with limpid and crystalline waters, where you can cool off on the hottest days. By the way, you will also be able to visit the dates of Malho, another quase-secret paradise of the National Park.

3. Cascata das Lagoas da Mata da Albergaria

Cascata das Lagoas da Mata da Albergaria
Cascata das Lagoas da Mata da Albergaria (António Cunha)

It is one of the most secret and least visited waterfalls in Gerês, despite the fact that they will be found very close to other more well-known waterfalls, such as the Portela do Homem waterfall.

To get to this place, you will have to take a short walk ao longo da Mata da Albergaria, a forest that seems straight out of a fairy tale. Finally, you will find a succession of small waterfalls, with lakes of crystalline waters and with a green tom.

4. Little Green of Fafião

Little Green of Fafião
Little Green of Fafião

There are very few green areas in the entire park, but this one, in particular, is located not fafiao river, near the village with the same name. The place has gained fame in recent years for its magnificent beauty and serene atmosphere, and it begins to receive more and more people, including national and foreign visitors.

No entanto, it is still possible to have the privilege of having the Poço Verde de Fafião just for yourself, choosing the right day and with a little luck.

5. Rajada Waterfall

Rajada Waterfall
Rajada Waterfall

It is one of the less well-known waterfalls of Gerês, or that can be an advantage, if it wants to have privacy. At the base of the waterfall, there are small natural pools, where you can cool off after walking to get to it, because the place is barely accessible by foot.

It is a fairly isolated place, but the effort to go here is well worth it when we see its crystalline and inviting waters.

6. Little Blue

little blue
little blue

It is a place that is increasingly sought after and, however, it is difficult to find many people not little blueIt is true that the place is so small that, with barely a dozen people, it seems crowded.

To have the privilege of having the Poço Azul only for yourself, visit it during the week and leave well, because the path is long. This is one of the most remote waterfalls in Gerês, and its access path will allow you to venture inside the park.