6 things you need to do in Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca, on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, is the country’s great metropolis, its financial and most cosmopolitan center. A city that at times may seem western to us. Nevertheless, the great attractions and things to see and do in Casablanca have more to do with its Arab essence. Next, we present its most interesting places and activities.

1. Visit Hassan II Mosque

The mosque that the former Moroccan king Hassan II had built in Casablanca it is one of the largest and most beautiful mosques that have been built in the world over the last decades. It is a grandiose temple that overlooks the ocean, in which the monarch invested huge amounts of money to build a temple that is all splendor and that has become the great symbol of the city.

It is a building where the Muslim tradition has been merged with the comforts of the present. Hence, the floor where the faithful pray is heated, or from the minaret of the mosque a laser beam points out the direction to Mecca. By the way, this tower, with its 210 meters, is the tallest building in Morocco. Admiring him is one of the things that, without a doubt, must be do in casablanca.

2. Tour the French center of Casablanca

France’s presence in Casablanca has been long and did not end until the end of the Protectorate stage, well into the 20th century. As a legacy of all that, today one of Casablanca’s tourist attractions is its French center, which can practically be considered the center of the city. It is a neighborhood with a colonial aspectespecially around the Marché Central and Plaça de Mohammed V.

Indeed, Several avenues leave from this square, and one of them will take us to the Arab League Park, a must see place. And very close to it is the Villa des Arts, a beautiful building of art decowhich currently hosts interesting exhibitions of contemporary art, both by Moroccan and international creators.

3. Visit other neighborhoods of Casablanca

There is much more to do in Casablanca. In addition to the French center, it is also interesting to take a walk through the old medina. Although it is quite neglected and compared to other medinas in Morocco, it is very modern, as almost all the buildings are from the 19th century.

More interest may have the New Medina or Quartier Habous, another neighborhood that looks like a theme park in a Moroccan city, and is a good place to shop. In addition, here is the Royal Palace, which cannot be visited. And at the other end is another palace that can be visited: Makakma du Pasha.

4. Enjoy the beaches of Casablanca

We have already said that this city is on the shores of the Atlantic. And not only that but Casablanca has an area of ​​great beaches. They are in the Aïn Diab neighborhood.

But there are not only beaches, restaurants abound on its boulevard de la Cornichebars and nightclubs, being the most effervescent nightlife point in Casablanca, and in fact in all of Morocco.

“There are no strange lands. The traveler is the only one who is strange.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson-

5. Something essential to do in Casablanca: go to the baths

Bathing in the ocean is only recommended at certain times. Nevertheless, any day is a good day to go to the hamman and enjoy some baths in the traditional way. There are numerous establishments for it. Anyone will be a pleasant surprise, and if one is more daring, it is best to enter a hamman that is not excessively touristy. The experience will be more enriching.

6. Casablanca the Movie

And we are going to end up recommending one thing that there is nothing to do in Casablanca. You don’t have to look for the places where the legendary film by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman was filmed.

The plot of that film set in the historical times of the French Protectorate in Casablanca could well be real, but what is certain is that the film did not shoot a single minute in Morocco. He was made entirely in Hollywood studios. However, there is no doubt that the city has never had and will never have a better promotional showcase than this film classic.

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