65 photos that inspire a trip to Canada

What follows is a succession of images of forests, turquoise or mirrored lakes, mountains, thriving cities. An attempt to summarize in images a gigantic and sparsely populated country, inhabited by aboriginal populations, to later be marked by British and French influences.

Michael Wifall (Lake Louise)

The country of harsh winters in many regions, but also mild summers that invite you to enjoy nature. To the north, it is territory of eternally frozen landscapes, even unexplored. Land of turquoise lakes and rivers, waterfalls that fall from hundreds of meters high in the mountains, wildlife, endless forests, boundless beauty, cosmopolitan cities, and all compacted in 65 images:

Travel Manitoba (In Manitoba, Canada)

Benson Kua

Jonathan Mueller (in Banff National Park)

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David Davies (Capilano Bridge in North Vancouver)

Artur Staszewski (Chateau Frontenac Hotel, Quebec)

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Flickr (at Abraham Lake, Alberta)

Travel Manitoba (at Duck Mountain Provincial Park, Manitoba)

Five-Two (at Fundy Bay, Hpewell Rocks, Canada)

Jonathan Mueller (Peyto Lake)

Peggy2012creativelenz (in Jasper National Park)

Frank Kovalchek

Mark Hill

Rum B

Pierre-Arnaud Kop (Old Quebec)

klim levene

Antony Stanley (Near Lake Minnewanka)

Peter Morgan (the largest vertical drop on earth, Thor Peak, in Auyuittuq National Park)

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Darien Graham-Smith

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Joe Mabel (In Vancouver)

John Johnston (in Drumheller, Alberta, fairy chimneys by the Red Deer River)

Jazmin Million (in Upper Canada Village)

Image J. Elliott (at Fundy Bay, Hpewell Rocks, Canada)

kid cowboy

Dennis Jarvis (Balancing Rock, Nova Scotia)

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Harvey Barrison (at Lake Louise)

Doc Searls (on the frozen Baffin Island)

Ascappatura (in Iqaluit, capital of Nunavut Territory)

Jeffrey Pang (Sunburst Lake)

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Jonathan Mueller (Yoho National Park)

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Jonathan Mueller (Yoho National Park)

Christine Rondeau (Yoho National Park)

Travel Manitoba

Don Debold

Richard Taylor (in Montreal)

Travel Manitoba (at Clearwater Lake Provincial Park)

Travel Manitoba (in Winipeg)

Image (at Abraham Lake, Alberta)

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A Yee (in the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake)

the padawan

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Travel Manitoba (on the Churchill Coast)

David Davies (Capilano Bridge in North Vancouver)

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Peter Szekely


Marilyn Peddle

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Pascal (in Banff National Park)

Travel Manitoba (on the Churchill Coast)

Andrew Bowden (in Banff National Park)

Angus MacAskill (The Chateau Laurier Hotel, Ottawa)

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Don Debold

Frank Kovalchek (Yellowhead Lake)

LWY (Chateau Frontenac hotel, in Quebec)

Julie Markee

Michael Lawton (in the red canyon of Waterton Lake National Park)

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Artur Staszewski (in Old Quebec)

Po Yang (in Vancouver)

Richard Taylor (in Banff National Park)

A Yee (in the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake)

Jeremy Rover (in Banff National Park)

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Alex Ristea (At Banff Springs Hotel, in the Rocky Mountains)

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