65 photos that inspire a trip to India (+)

A selection of 65 photos from India became a scarce and capricious number, as much as the title of this entry. India asked for more, so the list extends to 80 images of a huge country (as it could have been 100, or 200, or whatever number you imagine).

Jedimentat44 (at the Spiti Valley Monastery)

With a complex, multifaceted country, the team also fails to fully reflect it. India is unfathomable not only because of its size, but also because of its “one billion or so” inhabitants, its history, the complexity of its customs and culture (with a high degree of syncretism), beliefs, influences that were added by thousands of years to their own. The images try to tell before a thousand words the diversity of regions, landscapes, climates, cities, towns. India, on the other hand, as a country, does not need too much preface…

Amre Ghiba (in Jaisalmer)

Kerala Tourism (in the Munnar Hills)

See also A landscape with hills strewn with green

Bruno Girin

Image Christopher Walker (In Jodhpur)

Vinoth Chandar (in Kerala)

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Ryan (In the golden temple of Amristsar)

Image Pablo Nicolás Taibi Cicaré (In Chand Baori, the temple of a thousand steps)

See also The curious temple of the thousand steps

Mahin Fayaz (Kodaikanal, Nilgiri Mountain)

R Barraez D’Lucca (In Varanasi)

Alay Goyal (At Ranganathaswamy Temple)

marksquared (In the Nubra Valley)

Basharat Alam Shah (On Dal Lake, Srinagar)

Vincent Desjardins (In Jaipur)

Vinoth Chandar (Inside a Vimana Temple)

Ahron de Leeuw (In Varanasi)

Shankii (In Pangong Tso, Leh)

rajkumar1220 (In Cherrapunji)

Arian Zwegers (in the city of Orchha)

See also An imposing palace complex in ruins, in India

Parag Purandare (at Ghats)

See also the green-carpeted mountains

Koshy Koshy (In the golden temple of Amristsar)

See also A golden temple that seems to float

Melanie M (Shiva Temples at Tiruchirapalli)

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fraboof (Detail from Ranganathaswamy Temple, Tiruchirapalli)

Varun Shiv Kapur (On Dal Lake, Srinagar)

See also A floating community in India

rajkumar1220 (In the Nubra Valley)

See also The Lost World of Nubra

wildxplorer (In the Nubra Valley)

Dennis Jarvis (In Red Fort, Delhi)

Giridhar Appaji Nag (In the golden temple of Amristsar)

Image CortoMaltese (In the territory of Zanskar)

Zadeus (In Jaipur)

See also A pink city in India

Russ Bowling (In Jaipur)

Corto Maltese (In Zanskar Territory)

Evgeniy Zotov (In Jodhpur)

See also A blue city in India

Alex Thomson (In Jodhpur)

Honza Soukup (In Jodhpur)

Saad Faruque (in Kerala)

nozomiiqel (In the temple of the city of Ellora)

See also A temple carved into the mountain

Geri (In Udaipur)

See also A city that looks like a kingdom

Henrik Bennetsen (In Udaipur)

Image Abbysingh (In Chittorgarh Fort)

See also The largest fortress in India

Manu M.G.

Honza Soukup (In Udaipur)

Nathan Jones

Christopher John SSF

Ramesh N.G.

Christopher John SSF

Image Laslo Ilyes

McKay Savage (in Kerala)

Image ampersandyslexia (In Pushkar)

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Marco Bellucci (at Mysore Market, Karnataka)

Image judepics (In Pushkar)

Larson (In Zanskar Territory)

See also The Lost World of Zanskar


Sun-anda (In Cherrapunjee)

juicyrai (in Jaisalmer)

See also A golden city in India

Peter Garnhum (in Jaisalmer)

Motohiro Sunouchi (at Spiti Valley Monastery)

See also A monastery in an isolated high valley

Plusgood (At Jal Mahal temple, Jaipur)

See also A Palace on the Water

Sang Hee Kim (in Fatehpur Sikri)

See also An almost unknown wonder in India

Ricardo Hurtubia (in the city of Orchha)

satish krishnamurthy

See also Living bridges built with roots

Russ Bowling (At the Jal Mahal temple, Jaipur)

Picture amanderson2 (In Pushkar)

Varun Shiv Kapur (In the Khanqah Mosque)

See also A wooden mosque in Kashmir

Christian Haugen (in Kerala)

Deepak Gupta (in Mumbai)

Mehul Antani (at Athirappilly Falls)

See also The “Niagara” of India

MM (In Calcutta)

Kiran Ravindranathan (Universal Temple, Mylapore, Chennai)



Image ampersandyslexia (In Pushkar)


Ashwin Kumar (In Cherrapunjee)

Vinoth Chandar

Dennis Jarvis (In Red Fort, Delhi)

sudheesh S (Mountains Ghats)

McKay Savage

Vijayaraghavan (In Kodaikanal)

Steve Evans

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