7 amazing places to discover in Alentejo

Land of undulating plains, of sobreiros and chaparros, or Alentejo is one of the most dazzling regions of Portugal. Everything here is genuine and true and there are many locals who make us travel on time. The secular traditions are still proudly maintained and an effort has been made to maintain all the essence of this region.

Its typical villages are whitewashed and the houses have blue or yellow lists, being very common to see flowers to decorate doors and windows. One of the best ways to get to know and walk your hair, your hair becomes and wheels while you pay attention to the smallest details.

And there is also no lack of natural wonders here to visit: waterfalls, lakes, selvagens beaches and natural parks. Discover some two most dazzling places to discover in Alentejo.

1. Castle of Valongo

Castle of Valongo

It is located on top of a typical Alentejo hill, surrounded by large vineyards and near a water dam that gives it an even more magical atmosphere. But unfortunately, or castle of Valongo It belongs to private and is currently abandoned.

This is one of two rare Portuguese castles with a typically medieval layout that has remained unchanged over time. It will have undergone works in the XV and XVI centuries, when a menagement tower was built with Manueline traces.

2. Ouguela


Located in Campo Maior, Ouguela is a typical and beautiful Alentejo village, perhaps one of the most secret of the region. On top of a mountain with 270 meters of altitude, the castle of Ouguela looks proud for the landscape around it and faces us to remember its main function in the past: the defense of the raid.

The village was losing importance (and population) as it ceased to be crucial for the defense of the country. Hoje is just a relic of the past, relatively well preserved and with all the typical traits of Alentejo. The houses are divided between the interior and exterior of the muralhas and a walkway along its streets is the best way to get to know this peaceful and beautiful Alentejo village.

3. Juromenha


In the deep Alentejo, we can find a place that sends us to other times, rich in battles, wars and fight for independence. we talk about juromenha, to “Sentinela do Guadiana”, which keeps countless memories of some of the two most important episodes of our history. It is about one of the two greatest symbols of the fight for the defense of the Portuguese territory, but unfortunately, it has been abandoned.

The ruins of Juromenha are located in the municipality of Alandroal, next to the border with Spain. On the other side of the river, we can see lands that were Portuguese for a long time (and that for some still continue to be). It is about Olivença, an open wound in the relations between Portugal and Spain.

4. Cabroeira Waterfall

Alentejo waterfalls
Cabroeira Waterfall

Also called “Cascata da Rabaça”, this is one of the most impressive waterfalls of the Serra de São Mamede and all of Alentejo. But giving with her may not be so easy. It is located near the border with Spain near a small village called Rabaça (given the reason for its other official name).

To get there, you must follow the M1044 in the direction of the village of Cabroeira de Baixo. Park your car on the berm da estrada, 2 kilometers before arriving at the village. From here, it is barely 1000 meters to walk to a cliff from where you can see the waterfall and where you can observe a dazzling landscape and little common for Alentejo.

5. Nisa Passages

Nisa Passages
Nisa Passages

These passages are integrated not Trilho da Barca d’AmieiraI have opened to the public in April 2021. For more than two passageways in itself, there is a dazzling suspended stone bridge (which requires some courage to cross), a transparent gazebo over the Tejo and a bird-watching venue.

6. Monsaraz

Monsaraz (Ana Marta Fialho)

This medieval town managed to maintain its characteristics for two centuries, and visit it for is an authentic trip in time. The combination of historical architecture with the peace and tranquility that we often miss in modern times, turns Monsaraz The perfect place for a getaway in Alentejo.

With the conclusion of the Alqueva barrage, its beauty increased even more, now that the giant side can be seen from the walls of this historic medieval town. Thus, it is not surprising that Monsaraz attracted more and more tourists during the year.

7. Passageways of Alamal

Alamal river beach
Alamal river beach

While we walk through the Alamal pass, we can discover an Alentejo on a beautiful river, as belver castle to dominate the surrounding landscape, la do alto. It is a much different landscape than what we are used to in this region.

The route starts na Alamal river beach It ends at the centenary Ponte de Belver. The path always follows the margin of Tejo, for a calm and long path from the confusion of the city.