7 beautiful typical villages to discover in the North of Portugal

The villages of the North of Portugal are among the most typical and traditional of the country. Many traditions still live here, which are being passed from generation to generation, as in the tradition of community villages, where the people take care of two lands, of certain buildings and allotment. Unfortunately, these community villages are disappearing, thanks to the evolution of society and the flight of population.

Likewise, they are places that deserve a visit, because of their rich history and because of their beauty. There are small treasures, quase lost in time, that exist to remind us of what life was like for two of our ancestors. But I never know that people still live here and that these people deserve all the support that those who live long in two large urban centers need.

Ultimately, they are the guardians of the most Portuguese traditions, those that have never disappeared but continue to be kept alive here, in the most typical villages of Northern Portugal. Know some of the most beautiful days.

1. River of Onor

river of honor

This beautiful village is located in the Natural Park of Montesinho and is one of the few where community habits, formerly very frequent in the populations of Northern Portugal, are still practiced today.

The population of river of honor Still exploring the lands as a whole, the herds are cared for by all and the decisions that affect the community are taken by agreement of all the inhabitants. Here there exists até an own dialect, the result of isolation and close contact with the Spanish vizinhos.

2. Montesinho


This small village is inserted in the Natural Park with the same name, being a typical Transmontana locality. Some of its houses have been recovered for tourism and, today, it is possible to make the village a base center to explore the region.

Walking through its well-cared and honed streets, you will be able to discover its small church and its museum, installed in a typical transmontana house. to better appreciate MontesinhoYou must be attentive to every little detail, talk with its inhabitants and learn more about their traditions.

3. Quintandone


This is a small typical preserved village, with houses from Lousa, which has been recovered in recent years and which has attracted more and more inhabitants, because it is close to Porto, not in the North of Portugal.

The day-to-day of the population of Quintandona It is still very marked by routines linked to agriculture, despite being close to large urban centers. Do not stop walking through the streets of the village, appreciating every detail and detail.

4. Pitões das Junias

Pitões das Júnias Gerês
Pitões das Júnias

Pitões das Júnias It is located in the transmontane part of the Peneda-Gerês National Park and is one of the most typical and traditional villages of the region, as well as being one of the most famous and visited.

It is well known by its smoker and by its gastronomy and, for this reason, it is worth having lunch in any two of its restaurants. Afterwards, I did not stop walking the narrow streets of this village, discovering their corners and small details.

5. Branda da Aveleira

secret villages in Portugal
Branda da Aveleira

Located at the gates of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, Branda da Aveleira It was used for centuries as a temporary residence for the shepherds, during the summer.

This small agglomeration of houses was almost to disappear in the past century, but was reborn from the grass and can now serve as a starting point for a few days of rest in the National Park, because many of its houses were recovered for tourism.

6. Gimonde

Gimonde behind-the-mountains

This small and picturesque village is integrated into the Montesinho Natural Park, with a landscape dominated by its famous medieval bridge. But there is much more to see in GimondeTherefore, do not stop walking through its streets and appreciating every detail.

The local is also famous for its gastronomy, there are several restaurants in the village where you can appreciate the typical dishes of the region, such as the famous fumeiro and the delicious compotes.

7. System it

aldeias do gerês

This village spent decades in anonymity, but gained a new life thanks to its slogan of “Portuguese Tibet”, which enhances its landscape of shadows, raised in the mountains by human hands.

But there is much more to see systemTherefore, a calm visit is recommended, because few places are such good examples of communication between humans and the surrounding landscape.