7 curious facts about the Colosseum in Rome that will surprise you

The Colosseum is one of the most famous monuments on the planet. But despite this, sometimes only the most relevant data is known or investigated before visiting it. We want to go a little further, We are going to tell you some curious facts about the Colosseum in Romeand we are sure that we are going to surprise you.

Interesting facts about the Colosseum that you didn’t know

Seeing this imposing monument is something you should not miss on your visit to Rome. You will not know where to photograph it to make it look its best, it is magnificent! But surely you look at it with different eyes after knowing these curious facts about the Colosseum that we are going to reveal to you. Are you curious?

1. Thousands of people died in it

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It’s not a nice thing to discover, but this was the most important amphitheater of the Roman Empire. That means that it was usual for there to be shows, many of them extremely bloody.

Gladiator fights, fights between Christians or the condemned and beasts, and also representations that included real deaths were held here for several centuries. The result is that It is estimated that more than half a million people died in its arena.

2. About 700,000 tons of stone were used

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Its construction was ordered by Vespasian in the year 70 AD and its original name is the Flavian Amphitheater. No more and no less than 700,000 tons of stone were used to build it. On the outside, these stones were held with 300 tons of iron clamps.

A grandiose construction that, evidently, had a very high cost. As well, it was financed in part by the treasures looted after the conquest of Jerusalem and the sale of slaves.

3. The inauguration lasted more than three months

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To inaugurate the Colosseum in Rome, games were organized that lasted 100 days. Games in which, according to some historians, more than 5,000 animals died. And not only beasts, considering that it was an unprecedented party with gladiator fights, executions and battle simulations.


“I’d rather be first in a village than second in Rome.”

Gaius Julius Caesar

4. There were women gladiators

In a time when women had a secondary role, some of them were allowed to be gladiators. Or maybe she forced them, that is not known for sure. What can be assured is that there were, since some paintings and mosaics found in the Colosseum in Rome prove it.

Also is true that Septimius Severus banned gladiatorial shows involving women. around the year 200.

5. There is another world under the Colosseum in Rome

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Another of the curious facts of the Colosseum is what it hides under its floor. Although you can visit the building inside, there is a part that few know. And it is that When this imposing amphitheater was built, a network of tunnels and dungeons was made under the ground.

This it was used to keep the animals before the shows, and also to house gladiators, slaves and prisoners who were sentenced to death. A forklift system transported them to the arena.

6. It was built for three reasons

Roman Colosseum by Viacheslav Lopatin

This had to be a special building down to the reasons for which it was built. Basically there were three. On the one hand, it was intended to be a kind of “gift” to the Roman citizens for the Flavian dynasty to gain sympathy and popularity.

On the other hand, because the old amphitheater had disappeared in the great fire of the year 64. And the third reason was demonstrate to the world Rome’s ability to create unrivaled architecture using impressive engineering techniques. Rome ruled the world and was willing to make it clear. And boy did she do it!

7. One more curiosity with great symbolism

This may be one of the curious facts of the Colosseum that most attracts your attention. The same place that was the scene of terrible executions today is a symbol against the death penalty. The Colosseum lights up to demand the abolition of the death penalty or when a country does so.

Every wonderful building hides a wonderful story and details that are within the reach of few, but that are part of its essence. Did you like discovering these curious facts about the Colosseum in Rome?

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