7 dazzling places to discover near Porto

Whenever he’s home or on the weekend, or the dilemma is always the same for who intends to walk around Porto: where to go to discover those places that nobody else knows about? And especially, which are the most beautiful places to visit near the Invicta city? The truth is that there are no shortage of choices and there are many more options than you can imagine.

Around Porto there are quase secret waterfalls, paths that lead us along wild rivers with crystalline waters, recovered mines or farms with historic gardens that invite a long and delayed walk. All of these sites are excellent options for a round trip or long weekend trip.

I was just afraid that I would choose or be preferred and face the road. At the end of his trip, he will realize that this region has much more to visit than what he thought. Meet some two most beautiful places to discover around Porto.

1. Frades River

Frades River

Pedestrian paths that cross the old mines of Wolfram leading to a river with waterfalls and lakes where you can take a bath? Yes, it is possible to have all this in Rio de Frades. It is not known if he went to the village that gave or named the river or vice-versa. I am certain that this little corner of Arouca is still unknown.

To get to the most desirable point of this walk, you must leave your car in the village of Rio de Frades. From there, continue on foot along a pedestrian path that will lead you to the inside of an old mine. You will walk for 400 meters in total darkness (light a lantern) and at the end you will find a river, with small waterfalls and lakes where you can cool off.

2. Moinhos de Jancido

Jancido Coins
Jancido Coins

These 8 months were abandoned in 2017, when a group of friends decided to clean the place. The area today has a trail, a little less than 8 kilometers away, a picnic park, a gazebo and a group of 500 native trees, which are planted by a group of friends who have been recovered by the locals.

This is a perfect walk to do with the family, being able to see the mills built more than 200 years ago. The place is especially charming in Autumn, when the first families start to eat yellow and red.

3. Pateira de Fermentelos

Pateira de Fermentelos
Pateira de Fermentelos

A Pateira de Fermentelos Lend yourself to a delayed visit, so that you can discover the best of this region with time. Following some two paths that have already been outlined (such as the Trilho dos Poços and the Pateira ao Águeda), it is possible to observe the entire dimension of this lake.

You will also be able to observe peculiarities, such as the bateiras (traditional flattened boats) and the bacas (aquatic bicycles similar to gaivotas). In addition, you will be able to practice activities such as canoeing and sailing, in addition to taking horseback or bicycle rides.

4. Lady of Salto

Lady of the Jump
Senhora do Salto (moody.antonio)

It is part of Rota do Românico and is the perfect place to spend a very pleasant day, since it brings together not only various landscape and geological attractions, as well as good conditions for practicing mountain sports, such as mountain biking, rappelling and climbing.

na Lady of the Jump There are also various trails, where we can do a walk. Num two routes, you can climb to the top of the Serra de Santa Iria, to see the landscape in an unimpeded way.

5. Quinta da Aveleda

Quinta da Aveleda
Quinta da Aveleda

This villa is located in the municipality of Penafiel, less than an hour from Porto. The place seems quase straight out of a fairy tale, being linked to wine production and associated with many renowned products.

The farm is owned by the Guedes family, and is located in the heart of the Região des Vinhos Verdes. Make the most of your visit and discover this most beautiful region – you will see that there will be no shortage of places to dream about.

6. Passageways of Gresso

Passageways of Gresso
Passageways of Gresso

These passageways are barely 1.5 kilometers long, but they dazzle all visitors with their beauty. We start in Sanfins, in the parish of Rocas de Vouga, where the circular path accompanies the Gresso river.

The route has four bridges and some escadas in Madeira, becoming even more special thanks to the various waterfalls and waterfalls. Most of the path is made in the shade of the mountain trees and is refreshed by the waters of the river.

7. Cabreia Waterfall

Cabreia Waterfall
Cabreia Waterfall

The waterfall is located in the parish of Silva Escura, a place with abundant water resources. The irregular terrain, the torrent of water and the rich vegetation turn the spaces of the bucolic region and spaces of community with nature.

The maximum exponent of this conjugation is a Cabreia Waterfall, place where the waters of the Mau river gain more speed and force, before they emerge on the rocky shoreline. In addition to the natural wonders that you can appreciate here, there are also tables and benches for those who want to fully appreciate the space.