7 fantastic family walks in Serra da Estrela

Serra da Estrela is a place with numerous walks that please adults and children, being possible to ally or lazer knowledge and culture, raising family memories at the same time. Throughout these walks, you will be able to discover the best that Serra da Estrela has to offer, a natural, historical and cultural level, being possible to discover some of the oldest traditions of the region.

Do not stop visiting the most typical villages of the region and let your children know the best and most genuine that you will have to offer. And there is also the possibility of doing some of the most beautiful pedestrian routes in Portugal, like Rota das Faias, for example.

The newly inaugurated Passadiços do Mondego is another good excuse to hit our pains and take the num passeio by the dazzling nature of these places. Meet some of the best locals for family walks in Serra da Estrela.

1. Covao da Ametade

Covao d’Ametade

This attractive area is a depression of glacial origin, with a rich surrounding vegetation that captivates all visitors. Despite being at almost 1500 meters of altitude, it can be visited at any time of the year, except on winter days when the roads are closed.

Here you will be able to walk through some trails and pedestrian paths, such as the Rota do Glaciar and the Rota do Maciço Central. He’s not Covao da Ametade That one of the most famous Portuguese rivers is born, the Zêzere river.

2. Route of the Faias

Faias Forest
Faias Forest

Much more than a pedestrian journey, to Route of the Faias It is an authentic sensory experience, where at each step we can stimulate the senses in a different way. The aromas, for example, are very marked, and we can feel the cheiro da hortelã-brava, rosmaninhos and alfazema, among others.

This route allows them to merge inside the dense forest, so that they can observe the different species of trees, including the faias. They have a very special charm in Autumn, when the leaves of the trees are painted vermelho and yellow.

3. Passageways of Mondego

Passageways of Mondego
Passageways of Mondego

There are two more recent passages in our country, finding an area recognized by UNESCO as a Geopark. It allows us to discover some paradisiacal natural areas with waterfalls and mixed lakes.

This route is 12 kilometers long and follows the Mondego River, which rises in its roundness, through a breath-taking landscape. You will go through incredible suspended bridges, as well as some of the most typical and traditional villages of Serra da Estrela, and the Barragem do Caldeirão.

4. Alvoco da Serra

Serra da Estrela
Alvoco da Serra

This small village is found in the fertile valley of Ribeira de Alvoco, at an altitude of 680 meters. The coasts that surround the town are full of ledges, which are built in order to tame the landscape and human needs.

Alvoco da Serra There are some of the “granite villages”, since this rock dominates the entire landscape, from the mountains to the houses and streets. Two great highlights of its heritage are the Casa do Barão and the medieval chapel of S. Pedro.

5. Linhares da Beira

Linhares da Beira
Linhares da Beira

It is a magnificent medieval village that was founded in the 12th century and that today still has a very rich heritage, from which we can highlight its castle, seen from Mondego.

here, um Linhares da beirathe traditions are also still alive and two inhabitants part day-to-day, as the few businesses will be passed from the country to their children, and with some women they will go to wash their clothes in the river.

6. Nossa Senhora da Boa Estrela

Our Lady of Boa Estrela
Our Lady of Boa Estrela

If he has climbed the tower, it is certain that he has seen a magnificent image, carved in stone, on the right side of the road. This statue is impressive due to its size and the peculiarity of the place where it is found inserted, being sculpted on the rock.

chama se Our Lady of Boa Estrela, represents a holy protector of two shepherds, and is located in Covão do Boi. It was sculpted in baixo-relevo and inaugurated in 1946.

7. Vale Glacier do Zêzere

visit serra da estrela
Serra da Estrela

It is 3 kilometers long, which we follow from the source of Zêzere to the village of Manteigas, and is one of the two longest glacial valleys in Europe. It has a peculiar appearance, in the shape of a U, and was shaped about 20 thousand years ago by an ancient glacier.

Hoje, o su leito is traversed by a small watercourse, which feeds green pastures. Even on either side, you will be able to discover the impressive Rota das Faias.